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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)


Hi. I think this plugin is awesome. It has so many useful feature for my app.
but I have an issue with the MixedChart-Area+Bar chart.


I want to bring the area chart to front of bar chart.
Is it possible?? If not, how can I change opacity of fill color of bar chart?
I don’t know how to put rgba. when I put rgba(255,255,255,1.0) in the color option, it changes to hba automatically.

@yongjun The Area chart is by default at the back, but I did push an update a couple of days ago to let you convert the area series to a line series to bring them to the front (line series is always in front by default). You read more about the update below:

Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile:

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@Thimo back with another request :slight_smile:

is it possible to allow operators on labels? For example, i want to use the heatmap chart, but my desired label is a number. I’d like to just use number:as text ! It would also be helpful (to me) in places where a piece of data has an id & i want to lookup the relevant name.

Thanks as always!

@andyestridge At this time this is not yet available for the Heatmap chart as the heatmap has a slightly different setup than the other charts. I will have a look for you to see if I can have the Heatmap accepts numbers as-well! :slight_smile:

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ok! not a huge deal as i can just make a text value for future data entries. Low-priority

Is it possible to give access to the font color on data labels in heat-map chart? It defaults to white right now which is impossible to see on occasion:

@andyestridge I just pushed an update (6.31.0) for you that lets your specify the data label font color for the Heatmap! :slight_smile:

2021-06-16 om 19.41.21

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading to see the newly added field

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@Thimo :wave:t3: me again :laughing:

I’m doing more fun stuff with this heat map chart. Do you think you could add a couple things i see available on apexcharts?

  1. Multiple series (specifically colors per series)
  2. color range (aka dynamic colors)

thanks as always!

Hi, just purchased this plugin for the Treemaps and things look good so far.

One issue/question though: In one Treemap I need to use longer entries for the label to be displayed (text like short sentences, up to around 10 words or so).

The default behavior of the Treemap is to reduce the font size instead of breaking the text up in two or more lines. This makes the text unfortunately unreadable.

Any advice on how to change this behavior? The boxes are easily large enough to display the full text in a nice way if it would automatically wrap into 2-4 lines while keeping the font size or reducing it less.

I wrote your feature requests down and I will explore if I can implement them in a future update for you! :slight_smile:

The Treemap chart does not offer a feature like this yet. I have looked into this for you and it seems like that this is unfortunately not yet supported but the library. I will look into to see if I maybe can implement a workaround for a feature like this. For the time being I would recommend to use shorter labels inside the Treemap if possible.

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Thanks for checking and your quick reply.
It is a bummer though. Appreciate if you could look into a workaround.

@Thimo Q for you: is there a way to make the heatmap show data points with 0 value? I see you have a calendar plugin which seems to do this, so i think it’s possible.

My thought was to use a bucket grouping, but since heatmap only accepts text, that doesn’t work. Any ideas?

0 values have a white background and in combination with a white data label color the value is not visible, is that maybe what you are referring to? Example:

The way the heatmap is setup it doesn’t allow for a bucket grouping. I am exploring the possibility to add another heatmap with the same setup as the other charts which may allow for a grouping, but I unfortunately can’t give you a timeframe for it right now

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I’d like to be able to search for a data type, and have the data displayed in predetermined cells. For example, if i try to display some data with labels 1-12, but a search only returns 1s and 2s, the other numbers don’t display at all.

I suppose my solution should just be to create a data type with all that information :laughing: (like a manual grouping)

Yes that could definitely be a workaround! Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:

Hi Thimo!

I think there is a bug when I try to set the number of ticks on the Y-axis in my multiple lines area chart. It seems that the value is not taken into account.

Maybe it occurs because I’ve setup specific values for min / max Y-axis values.

Thanks for your incredible work on this plugin :slight_smile:

Hi @benoit! Yes this is likely the cause. The amount of ticks seems to be ignored by the library when a specific min or max is set. I am not sure if this is by design or a bug, but I will nevertheless reach out to the library creator to get more info on this issue. I will report back if I hear something! :slight_smile:

Update 6.34.0 & 6.34.1

1 - Added the option to display the values on the data labels of the Treemap chart.
2 - Added the option to specify a Y offset for the data labels of the Treemap chart.

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading

Great, thank you!

Hi. I’m using this plugin very well.
but I’m having an issue with y-axis of the mixed-chart(area+bar).


for your reference, chart 1 (the pink line), chart 2 (the purple line), chart 3 (the red bar), chart4 (the blue bar).

As you can see in the pic, the red bar value (40,628,745) is smaller than the blue bar value(44,300,245) but the red bar is higher than the blue bar in the chart. and the pink and purple line are in the same situtation (It looks like fine in the pic, but it has same problem in other x-axis value).

So, I’d like to set same y-axis for chart 1 & chart 2, and same for chart 3 & chart 4 (y-axis of chart 1 and chart 3 are different). Is it feasible?

Thank you.

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