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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

@Thimo I hope you are doing well. I am wondering if you have a recommended starting point (using any of your plugins) for doing something like the below image. Basically, a moving average is the main trend with upper and lower bounds.

Hi @rivergalli Having a moving average like that is not yet supported by any of my plugins. So at this time this is not possible to create unfortunately

Hi Thimo

Thanks for this amazing plugin!

Is there some way to create a bar charts with fx 5 bars where you use comma-separated input? like 5,8,3,5,2?

The reason I am asking is because in a specific scenario I need to create a bar chart from a single row in a table. The row has several columns, where each column will provide the value for each bar. So column A has value 5, column B has value 8, column C has 3, and so on… I have managed to create a list out of these columns, but in rare cases some of the values in this list will be identical and thus, bubble will remove any duplicates in the list which will mess up the bar chart. I believe the comma-separated approach will solve this issue.

What will be your solution to this request?


Hi @t.leicht84

At this time the charts accept a Bubble list as data source. A comma separated list is not supported right now. Maybe you can look into if there is another solution to keep the duplicates in your list?

Hi Thimo

Okay. Thanks for the answer. I must try and find a workaround.

How do you change the font of a bar chart? When i change to another font, it does not seem to change anything.


I think you could use javascript plug in to make a bubble list, which could then be charted.


I already have a customized chart plugin built from chartjs. It doesn’t have the features that @Thimo has provided, but it does allow you to specify the data set in a different way (which is why I built it in the first place).

If you really need a solution and someone doesn’t offer something better to you, just tag me in a few days and I’ll look into it for you.

Hi Jacob, you should be able to change the font by using the Bubble font selector. You can see on the demo page that the charts all have the ‘Poppins’ font. If you don’t see a change, could it be that you have some custom CSS that interferes with this?

Would it be possible to add the option to show a vertical bar representing the current date/time in Gantt Charts? Without it its really hard to understand the progress of the Gantt chart

@nico.dicagno I pushed update 6.53.0 for you thats adds the ability to have an annotation that indicates the current date:

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Thank you very much Thimo, this is amazing.
I am thoroughly impressed by the speed of this update, and the plugin in general.

I want to graph a linear function like “y=2x+3”. Is this possible?


Hi @Thimo . Thanks as always for the great plugins. I’m having an issue with a Gantt chart that I’d like to have more than 4 series on. Using the “Append Data Series” action on page load seems to work, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to keep the chart updated with new data aside from refreshing the page. Using re-render doesn’t work, and using ‘append data series’ again just duplicates the series. Any work around here?

Right now this chart type does not have an ‘update appended data series’ workflow action to update the data series you have appended. I do definitely see the use case so I will put it on my list to include in a future update! :slight_smile:

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Hello @Thimo,
We love this plugin. It’s worked amazing for us so far.

We ran into an issue lately though. Our graphs on our dashboard page used to update automatically if you kept the tab open and new data entered into the database. However, the charts no longer update when our database gets updated. We have “Enable Animation” checked but it still doesn’t seem to update. Any ideas?

Thank you,


Hi @brett4 This is odd! I will PM you so we can go into more detail!

Hi Thimo,
Would it be possible to add a dark mode for the heatmap which colors low-valued grid-spaces with a dark shade rather than a light grey?
The light grey heatmap looks quite odd when using a dark color scheme.

Hey @Thimo where can I find a scatter datetime chart?

Hi @paulogustavopeixoto!

The plugin has support for a ‘numerical’ scatter chart and not yet a ‘date-time’ one! I see that there is a chart like that supported by the library, so I will put it on my list for you! :slight_smile:

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Update 6.55.0 & 6.56.0

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