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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

Hi @Drahgoone! The current version of the plugin requires the chart colors to be set inside the property editor :slight_smile:

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Hi Thimo,

Trying to copy the “Customer Country” bar chart with the toggle from view 1 to view 2. Love that option to change views while axis data changes as well.
Our data view goes from a bar chart to a multibar chart. To get started we set it up starting with the multibarchart and conditional to create a barchart with one series. However, the second view always keeps the a second series even if we do not specify it. Is it possible to add an option into the editor to create multi and single bar charts with conditional? If not, what would be the most elegant way to work around it.

Hi @ria, at the moment the multi series chart need at least 2 data series. But in the coming update this is no longer necessary! So, then you can hide the second series (by not specifying a data source) and show only 1 series in a multi series chart :slight_smile:

The update goes live this weekend or in the beginning of next week.

wow. Looking forward to it!

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I don’t seem to be able to figure out how to filter data in this plugin. Tried different things but to no avail.First, I thought it might be the API data structure but that is actually pretty simple. All three fields I need (rates, total and type) are on the same level in the data structure, similar to a table with 3 columns.I have 2 data series that I am plotting in a horizontal bar chart. X axis is rates and y axis dollar amount. Next, I want to use 3 buttons that will slice the data (rates) by type (A, B, C). Endresult: have a chart that only displays rates that fall under type A for example. I can make the chart displaying all rates but not filtered by type. This might be very simple bu I can’t seem to make it work. Any advice here?

Hi @ria I will send you a PM!

Impressive, @Thimo!



Update 4.7.0

1 - Multi data series charts now only require 1 data series (instead of 2)!

2 - Added the stack 100% option to stretch your stacked bar charts to 100% height. Like this example from the demo page:

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading


Hi @Thimo
Small bugs with Radial bar:
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Legend position not supported
Selecting down in position. I think it should be bottom instead

Can you also add the height option?

You are right! This will be fixed in the next update :slight_smile:

The height of the chart is now 100%, so it stretches to the length of the element. What would your use case be with height? I think that it would be best to keep it at 100%

I have experienced with radial bar that having more than 100% can lead to a radial bar that take more space in the element. I wil try to send you some example later today

Update 4.8.0

1 - You have now the option to append unlimited more data series to the Scatter chart using workflow actions!

2 - Added the ‘hide series’ and ‘show series’ workflow actions to the Scatter chart to create custom legends.

3 - Fixed a bug regarding the legend placement for the Radial chart.

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading


Hi Thimo,

I wonder if using lines chart or multiline chart, it is possible to show only x-axis labels as it doesn’t seems to work for me .

Thanks in, advance for support


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Hi @ambassa.steve, thank you for flagging!

This feature works on the multi-line chart, but I have confirmed that this doesn’t work as expected on the line chart. I have fixed this now and the update will be pushed at the end of this week :slight_smile:

Hi Thimo,

I missed the information. Thanks for your reactivity.

Update 4.9.0

Fixed a bug regarding the ‘hide Y-axis labels’ and ‘hide X-axis labels’ options when using the Line chart element.

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading


Hi @Thimo , is there any chance of including Gantt Chart’s in the future updates?

Hi @mocabe, the library (ApexCharts.js) does have support for a Gantt chart, but it is really limited in capability. Therefore I have created a separate plugin for Gantt charts that uses a different library. You can see it here: :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!
I’ll check it out!

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Update 4.10.0

All the charts (except radar) will return the value of the data point that is hovered as a state! If you are using a line/area chart make sure you have events enabled and have a marker size greater than 0.

The charts now also have the option to reset the hover value (state) on mouse leave. This will clear the state when a point is not hovered any more. Some of the charts are updated on the demo page to showcase this in action:

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading