🗃 [+NEW PLUGIN] BoxIcons +1600 icons for your bubble apps

Box Icons is a carefully designed icon set with 1500 icons.
It’s crafted to look and enrich your website/app experience.
It includes regular, solid and logos icons. Highly customizable and easy to use.

DEMO (there are more icons, but the demo GIF would be too big):

Demo: Box Icons | Plugin Demo
Editor: Box Icons | Bubble Editor
Plugin: Box Icons Plugin | Bubble

Do you have any questions? Ask us here!


@yusaney1 Handy! Thanks!

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  • Update 04/29/2021: Added: On hover text

Do you have any questions? Ask us here!

hey @yusaney1 - would it be possible to upgrade the library to BoxIcons v2.1.2? Thanks

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Hi @exception-rambler. I will release an update today/tomorrow with the new version.

Thanks for the info about version 2.1.2


Brilliant - thank you

  • Update 06/30/2022: Version 2.1.2: Added support for new +100 icons
  • Fast loading: The icons should load slightly faster than the previous version
  • Updated demo page UI

Thanks @edwardbutcher


Awesome, thank you @yusaney1 :star_struck:

i @yusaney1 ,i found"Box icons" plugin and i have some questions please :

  • why the color of the icon is not changing when i add a dynamic color ? i added custom stat condition to change icon color but it seems it is not working ,can you please check from your side to make sure it is not a bug or something !
    box plugins
  • is it possible to add more icons ?
  • can we control the width of the icon, or add some style like "show text shadow " ?

Looking Forward to hear from you