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New Plugin ! Bring the dark mode to your apps

Hi bubblers !

I am really passionnate about dark modes (it’s often the best day of my week when a software I use release a dark mode update) as well as I am convinced of all its benefits for the eye strain and the quality of sleep.
This is why I’m happy to introduce my new plugin : Easier Dark Mode

You just have to put the Dark modder element on your page, and it allows you to quickly offer a dark version of your page to your users (with a smooth transition).

You can obviously disable the darkmode on specific element, whether it is because it needs to keep its colors or because you want to specify a peculiar behavior using conditionals.

Note that if you’re unsure you need a darkmode, you can put the url of your app at the bottom of the demo page and have a preview of what your page could look like (but be careful, images and several details can not be handled right in the preview and should look nicer when the real plugin is used)

Do not hesitate to ask any question you may have here, or post any suggestion
I will be happy to help you or try and improve my plugin !
(You can also contact me at [email protected])

See the demo here : Easier Dark Mode : Demo Page
Or the editor here : Easier Dark Mode : Editor
Or even the plugin page : Easier Dark Mode : Plugin Page

Happy bubbling !

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really great work really like your landing page and that you can try it with your own app!


Thanks ! I’m glad you liked my work :grinning: