[New Plugin] Canny.io Integration

Hi all - we’ve been using Canny for our startup Swapstack for a few months now and are really impressed. I believe more apps should use a service like Canny, and so I am building a plugin that will make it dead simple for any Bubble app to use the service.

Plugin Link: Canny Integration Plugin | Bubble

Written and video documentation: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Note: I will be iterating on this plugin, adding more features until I’ve added everything Canny supports, up to and including the API.

v1.1.0: added link to this service page!
v1.0.0: simple identify call without custom fields


  • Identify calls with custom fields
  • Changelog widget
  • TBD based on requests!

This is a very cool plugin. Thanks.

Canny is very good. Although I would also suggest https://www.productflare.com/ (which is built on Bubble) as an alternative :slight_smile:

Completely agree about using roadmapping for customer engagement.

If you have some time @jacob.b.singer I would be really interested to hear about what it is you like about Canny. And in particular how it worked for you in Bubble. So I can learn for Productflare.