New plugin Checkie Checkboxes & Radio

checkie_logo Checkie Checkbox & Radio Mod

Hey guys,

so as promised I have launched the 1st beta for the Checkie plugin. This plugin will allow you to modify existing checkbox to a more visually appealing one. On top of all that it supports animations, SVG, images, colors and allot more.

Getting started

  1. Direct message me for beta access
  2. Install “Checkie Checkbox & Radio Mod” after access has been granted
  3. Add the element on the page
  4. add the id attributes of the checkboxes as a comma-separated list. Or just type “All” to change them all

Thanks it. You don’t need to replace existing workflows with new plugin element.

P.S. As discussed the release will happen in steps of this plugin will happen in phases.

  1. Checkboxes (now)
  2. Switches (in-progress)
  3. Radio buttons
  4. Dropdowns (Maybe be released as a separate plugin)

Some images






This is brilliant. As a UX/UI designer, I CANNOT wait for the day you release the dropdown plugin!

Anybody else wants beta access please message me