[NEW PLUGIN]: Cleanup REGEX Url-SEO/API Optimizer

Third-party services or plugins hardly appreciate accents, diacritical marks and special characters: it often results in errors that interrupts the exchange.

To increase the chance your page goes up in search engine results, it is highly recommended to make your URL similar to your page’s title.

However, in its native URLs, Bubble also keeps those unwanted characters the search engines may not understand properly.

The “Cleanup REGEX Url-SEO & API Optimizer” plugin helps you clean any character string (text) in two different ways, so that you can use the one you need for your purpose :

1 - removing accents and replacing unwanted characters with spaces or capitalized letters (cleanup_string)

2 - optimize the string for SEO with lowercase and dashes (url_seo_optimize). This plugin is the perfect is the perfect solution for your page slugs with the “set a thing’s slug” Bubble function.

Cleaning and optimization set of rules :

  • á à ã â À Á Ã Â @ → a
  • é è ê ë É È Ê € → e
  • í ì î Í Ì Î → i
  • ó ò ô õ Ó Ò Ô Õ → o
  • ú ù û ü Ú Ù Û Ü → u
  • ç Ç → c
  • ñ Ñ → n
  • ý Ý → y
  • & → and
  • $ → s
  • ¥ → y
  • æ Æ → ae
  • œ Œ → oe
  • keep only one where the are 2 or more consecutive spaces
  • All special characters are removed, as well as the spaces at the end of the cleaned string
  • Lower case the whole string for “url_seo_optimize”.

How to use “Cleanup REGEX Url-SEO & API Optimizer” ?
Add an action to your workflow, using the “Regex_url_seo_optimizer” in the “plugins” section
In the “text_to_cleanup” field, add your string (or any query that return a string)

The plugin generates 2 strings (cleanup_string and url_seo_optimize) that you can retrieve in the next steps of your workflow.

1 - cleanup_string :
removing accents and replacing unwanted characters with spaces or capitalized letters (cleanup_string)

2 - url_seo_optimize :
optimize the string for SEO with lowercase and dashes (url_seo_optimize). The is the perfect solution for your page slugs with the “set a thing’s slug” Bubble function.

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Preview : https://inception-code-plugin.bubbleapps.io/version-test/cleanup_regex_url_api_opt?debug_mode=true


Hello @franck.marcheix

Great plugin.

Can you add an input option like ‘space replace by’ ? default : -
I used always " _ " than " - "

Another options : forced lowercase & forced uppercase
I used lowercase 99% of the time.

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Hello John,
i don’t understand what do you want exactly !
If I understand correctly, you would like a character string where the lowercase letters are forced without ‘-’!
a fourth string where uppercase letters are forced without ‘-’ !

but for the fifth new string I don’t understand what you would like?
excuse my english i’m french :slight_smile:

Hello Franck @franck.marcheix

Right now, I’m using Find&Replace (regex) to accomplish exactly the same.
I have a Find&Rep. that change space for an underscore (_). I also forced to lowercase before the process. Just want a plugin that have everything inside instead of adding another Find&Replace.

En d’autres mots, je veux me faciliter la vie :sweat_smile: en réduisant le nombre de Find&Replace. N’hésite pas a me faire coucou en chat privé si ce n’est pas clair. A+

A look here:


Hello John, I just added the Uppercase and the lowercase!
these are 2 new strings that you can retrieve after running the plugin

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so you would like a new string like for the url, but instead of having ‘-’ it would be the underscore ‘_’ ? and in lowercase!
if that’s what you want, I’ll add it to you

Ok John, @JohnMark
I just added the 3 new strings, you can test them on the demo site.
you’ll see if it’s what you want !
let me know if it suits you.

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Hello @franck.marcheix

Great price and great product. :partying_face:

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Thank you very much @JohnMark !

Great price
I have no idea how much to sell this plugin!
I thought this price would be interesting for future users.

Thanks again for your message

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Do you think you can make it work faster? Or maybe on client side?

Thanks a lot.

What do you mean by working faster? I have not noticed any slowdown on this type of request!
What speed would you like?
It’s quite possible that I can provide a client-side alternative if you absolutely need it.

Kind regards,

I mean by faster. It’s the time the workflow takes to run and maybe having something visible on page will be faster.

Thanks anyway!

In reality nothing will be faster than the server to calculate!
If you want to display on the page, you can make an input or a text of the 5 variables!
Don’t trust the speed of the demo page! It is in test mode and therefore necessarily slower than once deployed!
When I asked you what you meant by faster, I wanted to know the speed you measured on your wf!
This plugin is fast and calls directly to the server! It was first designed for a large amount of modifications calling the regex. (modify a whole set of links or data).
Kind regards,
but once again don’t trust the speed of the demo page, I use it myself for backoffice needs and the speed has never been a problem !

Oh ok then I’ll try it out on my side.

Thanks a lot @franck.marcheix and good job man!

With pleasure and if you absolutely need to do it on the client side, let me know, I’ll make a client side regex plugin!

with friendship

Hi, great plugin! I am not using it for url optimization but for preventing saving duplicates like “Juan” and “Juán” in my app’s database, more info here http://forum.bubble.io/t/search-for-text-accent-insensitive/215698/5?u=pachocastillosr.

It would be very useful for me if you could make an element action for the plugin as well. The idea is to be able to detect duplicates in my DB by searching a user typed text that is “cleaned” with your plugin. This without having to run workflows so that I can play with the front end and design.


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Thank you for Your feed-back !
Can you write a comment ?
It’s very cool for this plugin and for me.

For a New function can you explain more your needed ?

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