🎊[New Plugin] - Convert CSV to JSON File

Hey, guys,

I just published the “Convert CSV to JSON File” plugin. CSV to JSON File is a simple plugin that converts data from a .csv file into a new .json file. When the new .json file is generated you can save the URL of the new file in your database or even make API calls to get the content.

Demo: https://acampamentonocode-plugins.bubbleapps.io/version-test/convert_csv_to_json_file (Editor is public)


Hi @adrianonascentes :wave:

Are you reading my mind ? :wink:
Since past few weeks you are building every plugin which i need…

Thanks a lot
You saved my time :+1:

How can I buy you coffee?

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hahaha I’m developing plugins every day so it’s just luck hahaha Thank you for following my work @viquarahmed07 .

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