📣 New Plugin - Convert Image to PDF - Convert42 API

Hey everyone :wave:

Just created a plugin so you can convert an image to pdf easily. I needed this recently so I decided to share this with you all too. This uses Convert42 to convert the image to a pdf and sends it back to you. I hope this is helpful. The plugin itself is free. The API you have to pay for but it gives you 100 conversions for free per month at the moment. It’s very easy to setup. The API is half the price of ConvertAPI so I thought I would make it accessible to you all. Also, simple pricing without using things like ‘credits’.

Great alternative to ConvertAPI.

Here is the plugin page:

Hope that helps! :blush:

Let me know if you have any questions or issues.


hi i looked at a few posts concerning pdf creation from pages etc. for invoice creation.

my question to you is, how would you recommend gathering a picture dynamically for this to work?

currently looking at and figuring out solutions.

thanks in advance for your advice.

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Hey @homegrown :wave:

Hope I will be able to help.:blush: Do you mean how to add an image to an invoice? Or do you mean creating a page where you turn that page into a pdf?

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The latter, how to turn a page into a pdf. Or just dynamically create pdfs of invoices (data type) that way the user can download if they want.

This is something that isn’t that important to me yet, but will be after I build out the invoice feature.

But yes you seem to very active in regards to the pdf creation stuff, seen you pop up on a lot of posts.

thanks for this plugin it looks super helpful just not sure how to use it in my use case.

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Hey @homegrown :wave:

Yeah. PDFs have been a big part of many of the projects I have worked on. It’s been a challenge. :sweat_smile:

I first used SelectPDF. It was the easiest one to set up in the beginning but it proved to be costly after a while. The app I was using this on was not for profit. I eventually opted for this plugin: Bubble Page to PDF converter Plugin | Bubble

It doesn’t rely on an API and it was just a one time fee. Really helped a lot and I even still use it today.

The other completely free option is PDF Conjurer. I have used this one and the PDF quality and speed of it is awesome. However, it has a very steep learning curve. One PDF that I made was 77 workflow steps long. :grimacing: It looks amazing though and it is created in a couple of seconds. Almost instantly. It was completely worth it for me to learn. I know I will use this a lot in the future.

I’m actually considering offering my services to create PDFs using the PDF Conjurer for a fee. It won’t be cheap, mostly businesses that are already making profit will probably be able to afford it. It’s just such an important feature for so many business and using this plugin can save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run since you don’t need to use an API.

Anyways, thanks for the kind words about this plugin. Hope this gives you a bit of direction. Let me know if you get stuck and I will try to answer on the forum in between sessions. :blush:


I forgot to add the actual site here for the API. It’s

You can check the prices out here before you even download the plugin.

Glad it seems to be helpful already to some. I’m sure if anyone is using ConvertAPI.com or another API, but this is a great cheaper alternative. Instantly save half the price you would pay at those sites.

There is now an option to convert a list of images to a single continuous PDF. The API has been updated, so we added that functionality into the Plugin as well. Enjoy!

Just added the API to Product Hunt! Would love an upvote from you if possible. Share the no-code love! :heart: