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🍪 [+NEW PLUGIN] Cookie Script GDPR Cookies Solution

Connect your app to CookieScript and add dynamic cookie/services consent.
With this plugin you will be able to find out which permissions your users accepted and which ones denied.


Check out our demo page, to see how it works. This plugin has full documentation with setup installation.

Demo: Cookie Script Plugin Demo
Editor: Cookie Script Plugin | Bubble Editor
Plugin: Cookie Script GDPR Cookies Solution Plugin | Bubble
Documentation: CookieScript Plugin Documentation

Do you have any questions? Ask us here!



  • Fixed demo page: for some reason, the editor was reset to an empty app.

Hi! I am trying to use cookie-script plugin for GDRP. I’m having trouble with this. I don’t understand why when I click cancel all cookies in the cookie-script popup, the system shows that the current user has accepted cookies.

CurrentUser’sisusingCookies (yes)

But it originally said “no” because I canceled the cookie setting in the bubble app settings.

Hello @ms12, can you give more details of the behaviour?
Our demo page seems to be working fine.

Could you please share a link with your editor via PM?

Thank you.