🍪 [+NEW PLUGIN] Iubenda GDPR Cookies Solution

Connect your app to Iubenda and add dynamic cookie/services consent.
With this plugin you will be able to find out which permissions your users accepted and which ones denied directly in your app.



Check out our demo page, to see how it works. This plugin has full documentation with setup installation.

Demo: Iubenda GDPR Cookies Solution - Plugin (Demo page)
Editor: Iubendaplugin | Bubble Editor
Plugin: Iubenda GDPR Cookies Solution Plugin | Bubble
Documentation: Iubenda Plugin Documentation

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Thanks! Very helpful.


Hi @yusaney1

Thank you for creating helpful plugins!
I got a few questions.

Could you tell me what the difference is between this Iubenda GDPR plugin and the Cookie Script GDPR plugin?
What I’ve noticed are the followings, but anything else we should be aware of?

  • UI
  • Original servicer (Cookie Script and Iubenda), thus price systems also differ.
  • DPA (the “Data transfer outside the EU” thing) comes with the Iubenda GDPR plugin.

The Iubenda GDPR plugin:

The Cookie Script GDPR plugin:

To be granted all the features / banner / popups that can be seen and opened up in this demo (images follow), which plan of Iubenda should be good enough? (That is, of course, after purchasing the Iubenda plugin for Bubble linkage) — Custom Basic plan (free), or Pro plan ($29/yr)? Or Bundle Personal plan (also $29/yr)? I’m not certain which popup you’re referring to as “Cookie policy” - Image 1 or 3?
And relatedly, what is the difference between Custom Pro plan and Bundle Personal plan?

When I hit a pay-wall or the limit of a subscribed plan, would I be notified via email or how? (reference)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tanaka.jun.jp.

We created both plugins just in case the user has any preference to use Iubenda or Cookie Script third party. They do almost the same, but each one has its unique features/pricing/conditions. So the election here it’s up to the user and his needs.

About the DPA: In Cookie Script you can also add that, but you need to do it manually while Iubenda allows you to add it with just one click.

We use the free-tier plan in all our demos, this includes Iubenda and Cookie script demo pages. Which one is good enough? That’s hard to answer as this really is upon your app/site needs. I believe that’s a question that you should send to Iubenda/Cookie Script as they may help you better to understand and know the benefits of using the paid plans.

I think this is better to ask directly to Iubenda/Cookie Script support as they are the third party that provides the service and they will inform you better.

If I remember correctly, at some point in the past we hit the pay-wall and we got a notification on our registered email, but again, please ask directly to Iubenda/Cookie Script support to make sure you got that area covered.

Thank you for using the plugin.

Thank you @yusaney1 for your informative answers!
And sorry for asking those as I was confused thinking you also own the Iubenda business. I will ask them directly, and I sure will use either of your plugins :slight_smile:
Thank you again!