🖍 [New Plugin] - Custom Refresh Bar by EzCode

Hi no-coders!
New plugin in the house

Custom refresh bar

  • Customize default refresh to update alert bar, with tons of flexible css styles, set it to the style of your application or to the whatever style you like.

  • Set dynamic text


Or maybe you want something different ? You can transform it to a an alert box with a button and also with flexible css styles.

More examples


Plugin settings for RefreshBar AlertBox element

Plugin settings for RefreshBar Styles element

To apply changes on every page, put the plugin element in a reusable element that you are using on every page, for example header or footer.

Plugin elements

  1. RefreshBar Styles - With this element you can customize default css styles for default bubble refresh bar.

  2. RefreshBar AlertBox - With this the default bubble bar will be replaced with a customizable alert box that contains a button, everything is in pure CSS so NO additional js scripts.


  • Set refresh style
    If needed, styles can be added from workflow if for example different styles are needed for different situations.

  • Show refresh bar
    You can trigger show refresh bar from workflow, so you can show it for any other kind of situations to display different information.

! To use this actions, set checkbox “Run from workflow” to true

Styles will be applied automatically if Run from workflow is unchecked, so in that case you don’t have to use actions.

Only CSS is used for this without any js libraries or custom scripts.

Demo: https://ezcodepluginsdemo.bubbleapps.io/custom_refresh

Editor Demo: https://bubble.io/page?version=live&type=page&name=custom_refresh&id=ezcodepluginsdemo&test_plugin=1585393064893x457741439624806400_current&tab=tabs-1

Plugin: https://bubble.io/plugin/custom-refresh-bar-1586516838265x235063022530592770

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Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas

Regards Andrew from EzCode Team .


@ezdev I just bought this plugin, it works like a charm. Tks!

I use the refresh pop up with the button visible/showed, to increase ux can you add:

  1. Animated button upon pressed
  2. Loading icon to show that the page refresh is in progress


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Hi, glad that you liked it.
I think we can do that, will show it to the team.

Tks! Good to hear, can’t wait

Just aware of your plugin yesterday. I update my app quite often and as a non coder it’s already long time trying to find out on how to not let my users look at that native bubble’s black silent refresh bar😁 recommended


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@ezdev …any good news on this?:slightly_smiling_face:


@ezdev …any good news on this? I believe lots of bubbles need this plugin…


Hi, sorry we didn’t get to this yet as it is not in our priority right now. We will get to this when our devs will have more free time from main tasks.

If it is really urgent for you, contact us via contact form and you could discuss with our manager about making a private plugin for you.

Helpful plugin many thanks, can embed html instead text?