[New Plugin] Customizable Context Menu

Hey all, I just released “Customizable Context Menu” — an easy way to add a custom right-click context menu to you app by converting a Bubble group into a context menu (which replaces the default browser based right-click menu).

You can completely customize your context menu by building it using Bubble elements (e.g. Bubble text element, groups, repeating-groups, images, icons)

Let me know if you have any feedback or questions!


Just checked it out! This looks cool :eyes:

@johnny – I appreciate the kind words! :slight_smile:

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Gosh, this is so cool :blush:

:white_check_mark: Made the purchase

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Awesome! I appreciate the support Johnny.

Don’t hesitate to provide any feedback :slight_smile:

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This looks great! We’re really needing a way to create a contextual menu when a user right clicks on a calendar date (using the Bubble-built Calendar plugin) that will allow them to perform actions around the date they right-clicked. Is this possible with this plugin?

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@samnichols thanks for reaching out!

Yep, that should certainly be possible. Let me know if you have any trouble implementing and I can take a look

The image in your plugin presentation is down

It looks like it might not be possible (at least not without customizing), since a right-click on a calendar date doesn’t pass through the date the user right-clicked on. We had requests for more functionality on our Calendar from users and were hoping we could add a Context Menu that would pull in the date a user right-clicked on so we could let them take actions based on that date’s events.

Hmm @samnichols which calendar plugin are you using? If it published the most recently clicked date/time, you should be able to access it in the context menu plugin but it depends on if the calendar plugin you’re using does that.

We’re using Bubble’s “Full Calendar” plugin, which I linked in my original question. It does pass through a date clicked, but a right-click isn’t the same thing, and it seems like the Calendar is not grabbing the date from that type of click to pass through to other elements like a Context Menu. I was hoping we could have a “if [element] is right-clicked > set [element] state to [right-clicked date]” kind of action. Then we could have the groups/buttons inside the Context Menu reference the date. I’m not sure if this is possible, though. Thoughts?

@alex4 Hi Alex! Great plugin!! Is there any way to set the context menu back to the normal one through a workflow or action?

Hi Alex,
Is it possible to have multiple context menus?
I can see how I could create multiples, but not how to trigger them based on what you’re clicking on.
Reason I ask is because many page elements have different contexts so I need different menus for each different object.

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@alex4 Similar to this request, it would be good to be able to have multiple context menus (per my other comment) triggered when clicking on certain page elements (by class or ID), and to have an option for the global setting (anywhere else on the page) to revert to showing the default system context menu as dbom is suggesting.

There are many situations where you want the user to still be able to right-click and do certain operations such as save/print etc. Also wouldn’t be able to do any dev work like “inspect element” so I’d say without object targeting this isn’t a useable plugin which is a shame considering it costs $.

So having this plugin be more targeted would make it very useful - currently however it’s too lacking in controls and the complete override is a barrier.

Hopefully these are fairly easy things to add to make it an awesome plugin, otherwise I’ll have to cancel it.

To add some more context. I want to be able to right click on an element and have a context menu specific to its type. So If I have a hierarchy of objects for example: sections, subsections, slides, when I right click on either of those I want a context menu for that specific object/data type.

Just having a single generic context menu doesn’t really achieve much. Hopefully this is already doable and I’m just missing something.

sick plugin…

Is there any way to constrain a context-menu to show only when I right clicked a specific group?

Say I have a “folder” group, and I want that on click the context menu will provide the right group for the folder group like “delete folder, edit folder”, and if clicked on “section group” it will provide an other context group.

Is it possible?