[New Plugin] - Custom Context Menu

Hey everyone,

we’ve just released the “Context Menu” Plugin!

This plugin allows you to replace the default right-click menu with a custom context menu. You can specify the number of icons (1-6), the icon text and the icons itself. Furthermore, everytime an icon within the menu is pressed, an event in your Bubble app will be triggered which you can use to trigger subsequent workflows. Possible use cases include:

  • Custom Navigation Menu
  • Opening Popups/Groups using Menu

Demo: https://anticodeplugin.bubbleapps.io/contextmenu
Plugin Page: https://bubble.io/plugin/context-menu-1576742073550x365415120066052100

Have a great day!


Just tested this on my cell phone using a long press (as a right click) and it worked well. It’s very quick and looks great. My only question would be if a phone user would ever think to long press to bring up a menu. But certainly on a computer this would be a lovely user option.


I know I never knew about the long-press menu option. Nice to know about.

Gives me new ideas. Thanks for mentioning.

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I just tried the long press on my iPhone but didn’t get a menu appear. ??

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I don’t want to start an apple vs Android war :wink:

But I guess Apple’s just don’t do that?


Hi @gnelson,

it can help: How-to-right-click-on-an-iphone


LOL. I have both type users so knowing what each is capable of helps :grinning:

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Yes I’ve noticed that with links, but when I click on this demo page I get only the copy or forward options.

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I would like to use this over just the map area. How do I prevent it from triggering everywhere else on the page? I tried to put a condition where it wouldnt be visible when the map was hovered but that didnt work. Thank you in advance

Hey Alex,

we’ve just implemented this feature for you and updated the Plugin. You now have access to a second element called “Context Menu Targeted”. The functionality is the same, except you have to specify the element id of the element where the context menu should be applied. You can enable id attributes by going to settings->General-> Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML Elements.

Please note that you cannot add more than one context menu element to your page.
Here is a demo of the new feature in action:https://anticodeplugin.bubbleapps.io/contextmenutargeted



oops sorry, Noel. Ive only just seen this message! Thank you v much for adding this feature. I’ll give it a go now.

Btw I’m using a Macbook Pro and it appears the context menu appears when I hold CTRL and left click. Is that expected? On the map, holding CTRL is how you can rotate the map

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It worked exactly as I needed. Thank you

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Ok thank you for letting me know. I will look into it.


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Hi @Anticode, any news on the CTRL + left click bringing up the right-click menu ?

Hi Alex,
yes it appears that this is just the way the right click is handled on a macbook.
However I’ve tested it on my Macbook and it seems that either right-clicking or left-clicking + CTRL will open the contextmenu on the map. I’ve tested it using the demo: https://anticodeplugin.bubbleapps.io/contextmenutargeted
Did you observe the same?

Yes I’m using a MacBook and the menu comes up with right click and also with left click plus control. Is it possible for the plugin to disregard what it thinks might be a right click if CTRL button is currently pressed ?

Let me look into that but I’m afraid that won’t be possible.

I’ll let you know!


Just out of interest, could this be used in conjunction with @seanhoots AirCalendar plugin?


I’ve never tried the AirCalendar Plugin. What use case were you thinking of?