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NEW PLUGIN : Customizable ScrollBar Properties

Hi Bubblers!

I develop Apps all the time and over the recent weeks I needed the scrollbar to be more in tune with the branding of the page/app. I threw in some code to make it happen each time and finally realized that a plugin would make things much easier.

That’s what led to this Plugin:

I’m going to add some more features very soon.

Check it out:
Editor Demo: Blur-apps-playground | Bubble Editor
Run-Mode Demo: Customizable Scrollbar Demo

Browser Support:
Tested extensively on Safari 5.1, Chrome 93 and Edge 93. Other Webkit Browsers are also compatible.
Firefox and IE not supported yet. It gets bypassed and shows default scrollbars on these.

I hope it helps!
I’m available at [email protected] for support, questions, requests, etc.

Ranjit | Founder, Blur Apps

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