[NEW PLUGIN] Customize the Ionic Toggle (The 'Native' Bubble Component)

Hey Everyone!

We just released a plugin that allows you to completely customize the Ionic Toggle from the Ionic Components Plugin by Bubble. It’s great because it functions just as bubble expects inputs to function and gives you every possible customization option that the ionic framework offers.

Customizable Properties

:art: Handle Height

:art: Handle Width

:art: Handle Border Radius

:art: Track Height

:art: Track Width

:art: Track Border Radius

:art: Track Color (Inactive)

:art: Border Color (Inactive)

:art: Border Width (Inactive)

:art: Customize All 9 Active Themes (ie: Attentive, Positive, Calm etc.)

:art: Toggle Size (Scale)

:art: Switch Transition Speed

:art: Switch Transition Delay

:art: Switch Transition Easing

:art: Color Transition Speed

:art: Color Transition Delay

:art: Color Transition Easing

:link: Live Demo + Docs
:link: Demo Editor
:link: Plugin Page

There is also a plugin for the Ionic Checkbox!