[New Plugin] Highly Customizable Toggle Button

Hey Bubble.io creators,

I’m stoked to introduce a new tool to add more interactivity to your Bubble apps – the Toggle Switch Plugin. This nifty tool is not just a switch; it’s a fully customizable component that can effortlessly blend into your design aesthetic.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features:

Customizable Images/Color: Set custom images or colors for the toggle switch’s background and handler in both states (yes/no).

Adjustable Sizes: You can resize both the background and handler to suit your design needs.

Customizable Colors: Add a unique touch with custom color shadows for the handler in both states.

Rounded Corners: Soften or sharpen the look with customizable corner roundness for the background and handler.

Adjustable Border Width: Set the perfect border width for your toggle switch.

Transition Animation: Make your toggle switch click smooth and seamless with customizable transition animation time.

Auto-binding: Link the current state of the toggle switch to a Bubble database field for easy updates.

The plugin has been tested on Chrome and works flawlessly. For more details and usage guides, head over to the plugin page.



just bought your plugin and playing with it. I am using the one with the image. Can I have the background set to not being an imagine while the handler does contain images?
Somehow it does show colors ( grey ones) when there is not an image for the background but I cannot change it.

Whilst this plugin is good, it needs a few more controls before it is usable:

  1. Can’t control the width of the container element (default is 100px, and left aligned, which makes a gap on the right - should be able to control this, or by default it’s ‘fit width to content’ and the background height/width elements control the size of the container:
    Screenshot 2023-11-19 at 2.24.29 pm

  2. For some reason when the toggle is ‘yes’, the slider goes too far to the right…
    Screenshot 2023-11-19 at 2.27.38 pm

  3. Can’t autobind…
    Screenshot 2023-11-19 at 2.28.39 pm

I’d stay away for now, just wasted $5.

Hi @filiberto,

Did you ever get around to making it possible to adjust the width of the container the toggle is in? I bought the toggle a few month back, I like it, but not being able to adjust the container width ( and Height) does make it harder to use.

Thanks in advance!

Autobind does work by the way.