🌑 New Plugin - Dark theme detect plugin by EzCode

Hey Bubblers !

Welcome new Dark theme detect plugin

Plugin will detect if the user has set their system to use a light or dark colour theme/mode.

This is automatic and does not require any user input.
You can also check it using workflow action: Check Theme

If none is detected or feature is not supported then light mode will be triggered as default.


  • Dark mode is enabled Yes/No


  • Dark mode is enabled
  • Light mode is enabled


  • Check Theme

Plugin page: https://bubble.io/plugin/dark-theme-detect-1573646752851x976570188410388500

Demo: https://ezcodepluginsdemo.bubbleapps.io/dark_detector


This feature is supported by most modern browser on PC and mobile.
Support will also depend on whether or not the OS has support for a light/dark theme preference.

The plugin is sold as is, although additional modification can be discussed. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas - https://ezcode.co

Hope you will like it !

Regards EzCode team .


Thanks for sharing. Based on the demo, this seems to work very well. Now if only Bubble would allow us to conditionally apply styles.

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Hey Bubblers ! Plugin Update:

Dark theme mode plugin update:

New feature for PRO version,

Set page brightness.
Update description: - Choosed brightness is saved in localStorage so on next load the page will already have choosed brightness by default.

Demo: https://ezcodepluginsdemo.bubbleapps.io/dark_detector

Hope you will like it !

Regards EzCode team .

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