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[New plugin] Easy pdf creator

Hi everybody!

Creating pdf has never been so easy ! With docMaker you can generate invoices, contracts, estimates, certificates, legal documents, labels etc…

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Over the past 2 years we have gained a lot of experience with all kinds of Bubble apps using the former 5 star docMaker plugin.
It was time for us to release a brand new upgraded plugin!

This new plugin lets you create pdf or docx files based on a docx template and data from your Bubble app.
You can insert text, images, hyperlinks, rich text (html format), loops, nested loops, generate QR codes, add conditions into your template, increment tables, increment lists… And the page numbers will increment automatically!
It runs in the backend so you can use data from any source! (front-end, back-end, database, external APIs etc…)
It will upload the result file directly into your Bubble app, and you can upload a copy to docMaker as a back-up.

This plugin also offers lots of options like:

  • getting result files on a webhook,
  • making the file private,
  • resizing images (globally and individually)

And our dashboard will let you access all of your requests logs (success, errors, result files…) to facilitate the implementation.

:arrow_right: Demo page (run mode):
:arrow_right: Demo page (Editor):

:arrow_right: Plugin page: Easy pdf creator | Bubble

Check-out our tutorial video:

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It seems amazing. Good job.

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Thanks a lot @rpetribu ! :grinning:

Looks great!

Is there any form of dynamic page break, for example setting it to break anytime it sees {{heading}}

Hi @K.T , thank you for your kind words!
For now there is now way of forcing a page break, as we let the docx file manage page breaks by itself.
But it is definitely a useful feature, so we added it to our roadmap and will keep you posted once it is available!