[Plugin Announcement]: Easiest, professional and affordable PDF creation for Bubble (docx to PDF)

Dear Bubblers,

:loudspeaker:We are very happy to share with you the release of our docxToPDF plugin: the easiest and most economical way to generate pdf from Bubble, using docx templates!
You can get 100 free calls to test the plugin.

:fire:Main features :

  • Insert dynamic text, images, and repeating groups data in a docx template and print to pdf,
  • Print a webpage URL to pdf

Demo | Editor

Video tutorials

Get more information and create your API key

The prices are already very low, but you can get a 30% discount if you are among the first 10 who will subscribe to a paid plan with BUBBLEFORUM30 code .

We hope you will enjoy it and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a demo or support in your implementation!

Cheers !

Plugin page:

docMaker (dM) Create beautiful pdf Plugin | Bubble


Straightforward and works perfectly. Thank you for this great plugin!

Hi! Does this plugin also allows directly saving to database or just downloading?

Hi Joel, the resulting files are directly saved in your database. As a best practice I would recommend to assign them to a field in one of your data types, like in the below image :

I’ve been playing around with the plug in and really pleased with what it can do.

Quick question though.

In microsoft word, where do we insert the image tags if we wanted to use image placeholders in the template?

I get that we can use {%logo} but can’t set any dimensions.

I’ve tried to add the {image} and tried {%image} in the alt text on the images but the actual image doesn’t come through.

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Hi @lee1, thanks for your question !
You are right regarding the image tags : they only work if you put them directly in the document, like this : {%image}.
Regarding the image dimensions, the only way you can set them currently is to use the “images forced width” field in the images section of the plugin interface, where you can set the image width in pixels (ex : 200).
This width will be the same for all of the images tags in your document.
If you wish to set images width individually for each image, please let us know, as this would be an additional feature for us to develop.

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Hi Elian,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I do need to be able to set the image dimensions for what I’m trying to achieve I’m afraid.

My document is image heavy and I need the flexibility :slight_smile:



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OK, we will add this to the next features list !
As a workaround for now, you can add the images one by one, with the width you want for each, calling the plugin once per image, and retrieving a word document.
I can explain you through video conference, I can see that you have made an appointment for this afternoon.

That sounds great elian. :smiley::smiley:

@elian This is very interesting and has the potential to be a very successful plugin.

In your demo, the conditions demo, when the show VAT is yes, the resulting PDF sometimes is blank unless you refresh the page, which is odd.

Also, it seems to generate very slowly for a simple one page pdf. About 5 to 7 seconds. If one were to attempt to generate a 30 page pdf, would it take 30 times as long?

Thank you.

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Hi @robert, thanks for your message!
Regarding the conditions demo, I have run it dozens of times and never had a blank page. Would you have a moment to show me through Google Meet your tests conditions? Here is my calendly if you want to book a slot : Calendly - Elian Faggion

Regarding the opeating time, it cannot be lower than 5 seconds indeed, because the API runs on a Heroku server, so there is a minimum data transfer time, which cannot be decreased.
It might be a bit longer in some cases, it will all depend on the size of documents that you are transfering. But it will definitely never be 30 times longer !
On average the processing time is around 7 seconds, could go up to 10 seconds if files are heavy, but I have not yet seen cases where it was longer than that.

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Hi again @robert, thanks for sharing your use case earlier today.
I still can’t reproduce your “blank screen” situation when displaying the resulting pdf, I guess it coud be an issue with your browser settings.
But I have added a “download resulting file” button in the demo app, so that you can use another way to see the resulting file, which may work better on your browser.

I have also ran a test on a 30 pages document, with 20 variables per page, lists and conditions, and it took 12 seconds… I hope this will be acceptable for you.
Let me know if you need any help!

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@elian The download button works perfectly.

Incidentally, the display link is also working now. I have made no changes to my browser settings, and haven’t restarted my browser (Chrome) since we both witnessed the error 3 hours ago.

I will do some building and tests soon, and post my results here. Thanks again for your help.

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Hi @elian - just trying your plugin out, looks like it could be exactly what I’ve been looking for :slight_smile:

I’m just running in to this error


Am I not calling on the template properly? I have a template saved in to my database.

And here’s the setup

I’m sure I’m missing something simple :slight_smile: Your help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @equibodyapp , from what I see in the server logs, there is an issue with one of your tags : it should be {myCompany} but instead you have used {myCompany] : the closing of the tag is wrong.
Could you maybe try and check if this solves your issue ? (maybe also worth checking all of your tags…).
If you want to discuss in private, you can use this email address : support@docxtopdf.co.
Cheers ! And happy to see you enjoy our plugin!

Thanks @elian - I think I edited the template and forgot to reupload to my database when I made changes :see_no_evil: :rofl:

It’s run when I updated the template but I get a blank page when previewing the PDF (I have the preview in new tab workflow as the last step)

But when I find it in my file manager I can see it generated…I think I just need to revisit some settings as some data not displaying but it’s late here so I think I’m going to attempt to troubleshoot in the morning! :slight_smile:

Does this support rich text/BBcode? I have a ‘footer’ that users can enter via rich text input in order to format as they would like. And I have other areas where users enter information via rich text inputs that I need to create into PDF reports as well - would we be able to have this supported?

Hi again @equibodyapp , regarding your 2 questions :

  1. when you want to preview the pdf in a new tab you should use the action “D2P- U- Open pdf in a new tab”, instead of the one you used, as I can see in your screenshot, “D2P- U- Preview docx in a new tab”, because the latter only works for docx files.
  2. regarding rich text/ bbcode, we do not offer this feature for now. But we will definitely look into that.

Thanks @elian - the rich text/bbcode conversion would be a complete game changer for me - as well as possibly HTML. Reporting and therefore PDFs form a large part of the functionality of my app and I have been struggling to find a solution I’m 100% happy with (the screenshot type PDF generator plugins solve the text formatting but not other issues I have).

The only piece missing from this plugin for me to be the complete solution I have been looking for is this ability for users to format some of the text themselves (without having to play in docx templates as they just aren’t that technical and would cause more issues than it solves).

So far it looks to be solving all other issues that I’ve been finding with other PDF plugins (I’ve tried 3 others):

  • The ease of formatting templates (other plugins require a lot of stuffing around to convert to PDF page well)
  • The quality of resulting PDF (this is pixel perfect!)
  • Consistency for PDF generation whether on mobile or desktop
  • Ability to run backend workflows (I’m assuming, haven’t tested this yet) and/or not needing to have an element on the page which requires workflow to be run only from that page.

So thank you!


Wow! This looks amazing!

I’ve been wrestling with direct HTML/URL to PDF converters, that definitely do the job, but are limited to how you display things on a web page, which don’t always easily transfer to a piece of paper.

My only question is, I assume prices are in USD?

So, I’ve been wrestling with this for a few hours, and I’ve been unable to get things like Option Sets, Dates and anything other than text to come through in loops - is this a limitation?