📊 [+ NEW PLUGIN] eCharts - Interactive, and highly customizable charts to your products

Powerful charting and visualization library offering an easy way of adding intuitive, interactive, and highly customizable charts to your products.

Includes 15 different charts with multiple combinations and views. Very easy and intuitive to use.

DEMO (Some pics):

Dark mode (Some pics)

Demo: eCharts | Plugin Demo
Editor: eCharts | Bubble Editor
Plugin: eCharts Plugin | Bubble

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Amazing! Nice work

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Well done guys. Great plugin !!

I’m looking to create a quadrant (similar to Gartner’s or BCG’s). Can your plugin do this ?

something like this?

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Yes @jared.gibb. Spot on.
This would be great.

Is this an existing plugin ?

Hello @network, yes this should be possible to do using scatter chart that will be available in the next update.

I can’t give you an exact date but it should come in the coming days.



Are the charts printable, like to be included in a PDF report?

Hello @factoryguy, yes. The charts can be saved as an image to be printed/attached to a PDF file.

However, we will introduce a new feature (save as PDF) in the same update that will be released in the next days.

You will be able to save directly the charts in a PDF.


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Perfect! I’m just getting started with bubble but charts in reports very important for our app.


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  • Update 06/06/2021:
    – Added new chart: Scatter
    – Improved the responsiveness on small screens.
    – Better legend control and options.

  • Update 06/08/2021:
    – Added locale formatting to Line and Bar charts. (Now you can select the delimiters between comma and dot).

Hey friends! About this plugin, I guess this can help you all.
Prior to purchase It, I did a research to understand what would be the cost-effective solution. And, this plugin was super worth it. And the better! In addition to meeting expectations, I was able to count on developer support. He was EXTREMELY attentive to my questions, suggestion and demands.

After all, if unexpected things happen, the most important thing is to ensure that real partners who do their best to solve it. This company did it and delivered that “PLUS”.

So yes, you can buy it! If you have doubts, don’t have It more.
The plugin deserve all stars. Not only for solution issue, but, for the care/support to customers!!!

Hi great plugin!

Your pie nightingale example has a data set that totals 6. Can it go as high as 20?

Thanks! john

Hi @johndmillican. Yes, there’s no limit on how many data sets you can add. These are added dynamically depending on the amount of data your Search contains. (In the demo, the database contains six entries:

Hope that helps,

Hi, @yusaney1 Can you please show me how to change the color/theme for the nightingale and pie chart?


Do you have documentation?

I am not able to correctly group the data of the month with a specific month in the database

This plugin is great - love the smoothness and interactivity.

Using the donut chart (bordered). Just a couple of questions:

  • I need to use custom colours - is this possible? Like inputting a list of colours alongside the data?
  • Is it possible to hide the legend and the title? With the data labels the legend is unnecessary and distracting.
  • Is it possible to customise fonts?
  • Is it possible to add a prefix to the tooltip, e.g. £?

Thank you!

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Is there any example to do counts on any field instead of just showing number fields?

This is the exact thing I’m looking for. I bought Echarts but struggling to replicate the quadrant chart @network @yusaney1 did you manage to replicate with the Echarts scatter plot?

I’m currently using a different charting package in Bubble for some stock charts in an app of mine. Here is an example of what I’ve created:

Out of curiosity, can your chart package take OHLC data and draw a similar faded area chart with the ability to add a current price line (or a line at any point)?