[New Plugin] Elastic Search

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest plugin: Elastic Search for Bubble.io. Elastic Search is the industry-standard, and the most popular enterprise search engine technology, and we’re excited to bring this powerful tool to your fingertips, empowering you to quickly create lightning-fast search experiences.

With this plugin, leveraging Elastic Search in your Bubble apps becomes a breeze.

Here are the key features of the plugin -

  • Index Existing Things - An action to index all existing things from a table into your Elastic Search engine.
  • Update Index - An action to update the index when your data changes in Bubble.
  • Search and Query Suggestions - an element, which can be configured together with an Input box to create a search experience on your app.

Please refer our documentation for detailed instructions on how to setup and use the plugin.

Plugin Page - Elastic Search
Documentation - Service Link
Search Demo - Formula 1 Drivers Database

Please feel free to provide your feedback on this thread or email us at - pluginsnocode@gmail.com

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We’ve made some significant upgrades to our plugin based on early feedback:

  • Pagination - Added the support for paginated search results

  • Initialise search results - Added the option for initialising search results on page load

  • Total number of hits - Added an exposed state to the element which returns the total number of hits for the search query

We are delighted with the early feedback we’ve got and would like to hear more from the bubble family on our plugin. We’re committed to continuously improve our plugin and provide best-in-class support.

Do try out the Elastic Search plugin if you’re looking to add industry-standard, lightning-fast search experience to your bubble app.