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New Plugin- Fuzzy search and autocorrect, custom search boxes

Hi! I’ve built a new plugin to solve some issues I was facing, thought it might be useful for others too. It’s a fuzzy search algorithm.

Can be used in conjunction with the Search Box element to select or suggest a result when the user does not type precisely- handling for example typos, capitalizations, searches within words, international characters, plurals, etc.

Can also be used to build custom Search Boxes with repeating groups, with fuzzy searching and quick live updating, supporting searching in up to 5 fields.

Check out the demos here:

I’d love to have some beta testers if anyone is interested! Help me see how it handles big complex data sets, spot bugs and suggest improvements. Please let me know if you can help.


Just released the first version under an open source license. Please try it out and let me know if you find any issues. Enjoy!


Just installed and 10 minutes later it worked like it said on the box. I haven’t drilled too deep into it, but well done as it is quick and flexible. Loving it so far and was needed!

Thanks for the effort!

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This is really awesome. Kudos on the great work and your contribution to the Bubble community. :smiley:

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Are you able to have multiple searches on one page? How do you refer to the different searches in the attribute of the input box? One of mine has stopped working.
I have two searches. One on a main page and one on a popup. I think they may be getting a little confused using the same ID = SearchInput. Any ways around?


@dan1 Thanks!

@kylejsoutham Yeah, that’s a limitation of it at the moment, only one per page if you’re using the Input Box mode. I’ll add the ability to use multiple boxes very soon.

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To piggyback on @kylejsoutham’s request, multiple searches would be pretty great.

As an interim solution, might multiple searches be possible if one search is contained in a reusable element and the other on the page itself? (Think I already know the answer, but seeing if you’ve already experimented…)

Hi Dan,

Don’t get me wrong, the search is great. It is a breath of fresh air. What I am developing at the moment has about another two months in it, so I am prepared to wait for this new update. To give you an example, I have 10 fields one page that would benefit from 10 independent fuzzy searches.
I look forward to hearing about the multiple boxes when you release them.

I think it is great how you not only provide the result but the score itself which is very handy.

Appreciate the effort!

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@kylejsoutham @dan1
Just pushed an update where you can now set your own Input Box IDs instead of using #SearchInput, so you should be able to use as many as you want on a page. It’s a simple change, only reason I didn’t do it that way first was for simplicity reasons while beta testing it. Let me know if you run into any issues with using multiple boxes!
PS. make sure you update the plugin in the plugin tab, and refresh the editor page so the new properties show up

Wow! Cool. Thanks Dan. Will have a look over the next day or so.
Appreciate the responsiveness.

Love the plugin @dambusmedia… Thank you very much!

I’ve implemented the plugin and it’s a huge improvement!

I’ve tried to use “unique elements” when displaying results on both the plugin and repeating group without success. Do you know if this is a current limitation?



Am I able to use this in workflows only, like bulk editing to tag lists based on text searching?

Starting with, I’m trying to get this plugin to the header.
Here’s what I did :

In preview, nothing appears,
do you know what is the problem ?

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Could it be that there is something broken? My searches don’t work anymore…

My search stopped working too. Any ideas why this would happen even though there has not been a change to the plugin version?

It would appear Bubble have changed something that has broken the .length() function, hence the plugin suddenly stopping working. Other plugins are also affected, eg:

Hopefully just a temporary bug that Bubble can fix.

Edit: Bubble pushed a fix, all should work now


May same like a dumb question, but does Bubble let you know when they make a change to the way plugins work? Or is it just up to you to figure it out?

@StevenM I don’t hear anything more than the mailing list, but then I’m just a hobbyist, not a Bubble partner. I’m just working on the assumption they’ll keep backwards compatibility if they change anything. In this case it would appear it’s a bug.


Hey @dambusmedia.

Great plugin, thanks for your efforts.

Search is working great, but I’m trying to figure out how to reset after selecting an item. Reset inputs doesn’t help, and also tried putting everything in a group. Can’t find the solution here.

Anybody have ideas on how to do that?


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Hi @dambusmedia - great work on this - thank you.

Any plans to upgrade so that fields of other data types can be searched?

Ex. There is a data type called City - there are 2 fields: City Name (text field) and State (another data type called State)…We can search City because it is a text field, but we cannot search the embedded State data type.