[New Plugin] Feedback Screenshot Generator (Widget)

Hey Nick, I understand. Will add this to my backlog — will DM you with details.


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I understand. thank you for the nice plugin

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Thanks for the kind words! Let me know if you have any other feedback or ideas

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Another great feature would be to take screen videos instead of just the snap shot. i think this would be more difficult to build but would be very useful

Hey @Nick_1 – certainly. I could see how that could be a helpful feature for those who need to capture more context when generating feedback. You’re right, I think this would be difficult to implement, but I can add it to my parking lot section and think through it in the back of my mind for a future project!


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Yes, of course! I understand

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Hi @alex4

Nice plug in - thank you.

Just one question. You have a button that changes its text to ‘closed’ when the plugin is active, and the user can abort a screenshot that way. The button is above the shading that covers the page, so the user can access the workflow attached to the button.

I have tried to do the same thing, but the button becomes part of the page that can be imaged … I can’t click it. FYI, I have a reusable element floating group for the page header where all the navigation is controlled. I put the widget in there.

Any pointers as to how I can get this button to appear above the shaded area? Thanks in advance.

Hey @socialrepublic – thanks for reaching out and for the kind words about the plugin!

To get your button/or any group to show up on top of the shading that covers the page in feedback mode, you can add an HTML Attribute ID to that element like so:

Then, copy and paste that text into the following input on the FeedbackWidget Element like so:

Does that make sense? Let me know if you run into any issues as you set it up!


Got it. Thank you.

Great @socialrepublic – let me know if you have any other questions or feedback!

Hi @alex4

Just got back to this, and … I can’t seem to make it work. I hope I have followed your guidance correctly.

To reduce the possible causes, I made a group in the page header that I want to use to close the Feedback. The header that contains all the plugin goodness is a reusable element, type: floating group.

As you see, I have given the group an HTML ID Attribute and copied that to the widget. When I try to click the cross to exit, it starts selecting a portion of the screen. This is true of Firefox and Chrome.

Your further thoughts appreciated.

[Edit] I was wondering whether it was related to having a Nimbus screen capture widget already loaded into my browser, so I tried MSFT Edge as well, which hasn’t, And the button was under the selectable area there too.

Hey @socialrepublic – thanks for sharing the extra details here – let me take a closer look and get back to you within the next day or two. In the meantime, could you PM me a link to your Bubble editor in case I need it to replicate the issue?

Hi Alex, this plugin seems pretty good so far, but in both my app and the plugin demo, if you resize the window after loading it breaks the plugin.
The screen turns grey, but the crosshairs do not show up and I can’t click and drag to take the screengrab.

I can see that once the window is resized, a couple of the divs required for the crosshair functionality are reset to 0px width, 0px height.

Hey @audrey2 – thanks for reaching out!

I’ve pushed a fix in v1.5.0 once you upgrade to this version, the issue caused when the page is resized should be fixed. Please take a look and let me know how it’s working for you!


@alex4 It’s working! Thank you so much.

@audrey2 – great to hear it worked out for you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or feedback! More than happy to take a look at requests.


Hi All,

For everyone’s benefit I thought I would share how my issue was resolved with a steer from @alex4. The issue was that “” the element with the custom button has to be visible on the page when you use the Feedback Widget because Bubble’s plugin engine doesn’t load the element information onto a page until it is visible. "

I wanted the button to call the plugin to be different from the one that could close it if the user wants to bail out. I followed Alex’s first suggestion from below

1. I added a “FloatingGroup A” to the page, made the floating-group the custom button, giving it an HTML ID Attribute. Inside of the group, I show/hide the close icon based on whether the Feedback Mode? is on/off. The link should provide you a working template for this.
2. Alternatively, you can make the close element visible on the page just before (like 100 miliseconds) you trigger the Feedback Mode to turn on, causing Bubble’s plugin engine to load that element onto the page, so the logic in my plugin can pick it up

Thanks to Alex for the clear instructions.

@socialrepublic – great to hear everything is working well for you! Thanks for posting these additional instructions here – I will add them to the documentation for the plugin as well.



I have purchased your plugin.
I can’t generate any new entry in the DB, I have done everything described in your instructions.
It is like the workflow is not running.
Some help needed, thanks

Hi @akoziol – thanks for reaching out! I’m happy to take a look. Could you DM me a link to your editor page?