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[New Plugin Updates] Screenshot Image Generator

Hey Bubblers, I just made updates to “Screenshot Generator” — a plugin you can add to your app to take a screenshot of the (1) current screen, (2) entire page – above & below the fold, or (3) a specific element

The key features:

  • You can save the image as PNG or JPG
  • You can choose to take a screenshot of the current screen, entire page, or a specific element (by entering its HTML ID attribute)
  • You can customize the name of the image file generated

Here are links to the run mode demo and editor mode demo.

Below are examples of each of the three "Screenshot Modes:"

  1. Example of “Current Screen” screenshot:

  2. Example of “Entire Page” screenshot:

  3. Example of “Specific Element” screenshot:

As always, let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

Happy Bubbling,


Hi, I’m not able to use this on a mobile device. Why is that?

Hi @abhi2 – I’m able to take a screenshot on my mobile device (open demo on a mobile device here).

Could you share your editor or run-mode error that you receive?



I purchased the plugin, but whenever I take a screenshot, even of just an empty group with a border, there is a whitespace inserted on the left hand side of the screenshot. (see attached)

Any idea why this is happening?

Hi @akhella — thanks for reaching out. I’m happy to take a look.

In order for me to troubleshoot the issue, I need to take a look at your configuration — can you please send me your run mode and editor mode links over DM?


@alex4 I was able to find the bug after trying different settings. The white space is inserted on the left if the plugin is added to a page with fixed width. Unchecking the fixed width box solved that.

@akhella great to hear! I’ll add this note in documentation.

@alex4 Can this plugin or the ‘Group to image’ plugin create an image of a group that is from a different page that is not currently loaded?

Hi @stephencharles, thanks for reaching out!

These plugins need to occur on the page, so they will not work if the page is not currently loaded. Out of curiosity, what’s the use case for this?


The use case is turning a group data into an image that can be used to share in social media. So I was hoping to create a hidden page with fixed width elements and dynamic data that our customers could screenshot into a visual and save to their account.

Hi @stephencharles – apologies for the slower response here. I’ve been off the grid for the last few days.

Depending on exactly what user experience you’re trying to achieve, you might be able to create the group on the current page and put it behind another group (say, a blank white group, to make it not visible to the user). When the event occurs to create the image, you can trigger the plugin to take a screenshot of the group behind the blank white group.

Hope that helps!