New Plugin: Get device and IP address data

Hello folks!

We’re overjoyed to share the news that we’ve released another bubble plugin.

The Get device and IP address data plugin allows bubble users to implement the tracker element on their page to collect all the data from visitors’ IP addresses and HTML requests. This data can be collected in your database and used as conditions for workflows.

This plugin provides 20 different data fields and you can show this data to your users or keep it invisible. Check out our demo app to see what data may be gathered.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to write a comment here or send us an email at

Keep an eye out for new plugins and updates from IdeaLink! They are coming soon!


Nice, thanks!

Are the calls free? I thought that even Ipify switched to a paid model.

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As far as we know it doesn’t. If anything will change we will inform plugin users.

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Bug fixed: delay in IP & geolocation data loading

New update:

  • We Integrated Map element that shows location according to user IP address. Check it out in demo.

what about if I want to save this data in the bubble database or pass the data to the QR code
is that applicable


Sure, you can save it to the database and pass it elsewhere.
You can check the workflow that allows creating a record for every user in the editor of our demo app
Workflows - When page is loaded - Create an new users

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Unfortunately this plugin does not work when a user has something like uBlock installed on their browser. It can only return the browser data but not the IP address or any geolocation information.