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New plugin - Global Variables

Hi !
I’ve built this simple plugin where you can set Global Variables on the user’s browser so you can access them without making a (slow) request to the database.

It uses the cookies to store those values, each time the user’s browser is closed they will be erased so don’t forget to add some logic to check if the Variable is there.

For now you can only store text values but tell me if that’s a problem, I’ll add other options.

The plugin is similar to another one but with a more reasonable price point.

Keep on bubbling !


Here you can do a simple test of the plugin.

Go to and ask for a free trial in the “Contact” section :slight_smile:

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You offering freebies ;)?

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You can try it to see if it works for 2 days, then you’ll have to buy me a beer :grin:
Just ask for it in the link I provided, include your app name please.

Just a simple explanation:

If you set the variable in one page with the name (for example) “TEST”, when you want to access it on another page you place a “Global Variable” element and in the property named “Variable Name” you write “TEST”:


To access the value you just reference the element’s value:


For more questions, feel free to contact me through the website