🔌 New Plugin - Google Heatmaps Layer

Hey :wave:t2:,

Just published a new :electric_plug: plugin to help developers add :world_map: Heatmaps to their bubble apps.

:star: Feature Highlights:

  • Use Bubble’s “Geographic’s Address” as data source
  • Use JSON as a data source
  • Set Map’s Initial Zoom
  • Set Minimum & Maximum Zoom
  • Show/Hide Map Type Controls
  • Show/Hide Street View Controls
  • Show/Hide Zoom Controls
  • Show/Hide Fullscreen Controls
  • Show/Hide Rotate Controls
  • Enable/Disable POI Clicking
  • Set Gesture Handling
  • Set Custom Map Styles (snazzymaps.com)
  • Heat Layer - Toggle Dissipating
  • Heat Layer - Set Max Intensity
  • Heat Layer - Set Opacity
  • Heat Layer - Set Radius
  • Heat layer - Set Custom Gradient Colors

The plugin utilizes all of bubble’s native responsive and styling options with the added ability to take up the remaining in page height, perfect for mobile phones.

Compatibility - All web browsers.

Plugin Demo
Bubble Editor


Very cool

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Amazing job… Congrats.

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Bookmarked! :+1:t2:

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@joana this plugin may help you with what you are trying to do for the crimes data


Thank you guys!

Let me know if you guys need any additional functionality added😊

Update 06/21/21 - Plugin has been approved by Bubble - Google Heatmap Layer

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Hi @shawnmi6 , I am having some issues implementing this plugin. Could you please let me know the best contact for support on this?

Thank you

Hi @scott.ETK ,

Can you DM your issue, happy to give you assistance.