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[NEW PLUGIN] Gooogle Drive

Hello everyone!
A brand-new Google Drive plugin has just been released!!
This is a complete Google Drive API integration. Here are some of the features:

  • Get Access Token
  • Refresh Access Token
  • Create a File
  • List Files
  • List Files from specific folder
  • Download Drive File
  • Get Single File
  • Copy File
  • Change File Name
  • Delete File
  • Create Folder
  • Move File to Folder
  • Export Google Document
  • Create File Permissions
  • Get User’s Drive Information

This plugin works with a Google Drive element to handle login and to catch google token, so you don’t have to do anything! Google Drive element returns all data needed to create a user: name, picture, email, token and refresh token!

Demo: link
Docs: link


This are the workflow steps to set up the refresh token process correctly:

Step 1. Add the Google Drive element into your Editor. Set any element to be your ‘click to login’ and set the action ‘Oauth Login’ from Google Drive element
Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 9.49.23 AM

Step 2. Add the Event called ‘Google Drive has valid response’.

  • Create an account for someone else (check the return user if exists box)
  • Set the User’s data with the returned values from the Google Drive Element (image 2)
  • Assing a temp password to user from step 1
  • Log the user in. Email: Result from step 1, password: result from step 3

Step 3. Now everytime you’re running an action that requires verification you should do this two things.

All calls contain ‘access_token’ so you should place the current user’s access_token
Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 9.57.04 AM

Always run a verification for expired tokens when your user is logged in. If token is expired, refresh token and change Current User’s access_token
Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 9.59.26 AM

That’s it! If you have any more questions, please reach out to me!