NEW:WGD Google Drive/Sheets PLUGIN

WGD Google Drive/Sheets

A new plugin that lets you control data from your Bubble App, it also allows you to view the files ID, name and type which will allow you to manipulate it through your Bubble app.

You will need to setup your Google Cloud Platform for this the steps are within the demo, once you are all set to go, you can start creating files, copying files, uploading files, delete files, list files and for the Google sheets side you can make a spreadsheet and then transfer data to it, you can create tabs within the Google sheet as well to push the data to.

This is a powerful tool as it will allow you to export from the Bubble database straight to a Google Sheet within minutes.

Here is the editor link-
Plugin Page-WGD Google Drive/Sheets Plugin | Bubble

If you need any help on the plugin, please reach out to

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UPDATE: Added functionality for adding text to a google docs

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Added functionality to upload a file dynamically and updated plugin for ease of use.