[New Plugin] GS iconify

GS-Iconify is a powerful plugin developed for Bubble.io, a visual web development platform, that enables users to easily incorporate Iconify icons into their Bubble applications. Iconify is a popular open-source icon library that offers a vast collection of customizable vector icons for various purposes

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Conditional colors with the option set don’t work. is it only me?

The same configuration works for the other iconify plugins, but they have a bug where the 1st item of the list doesn’t show on a repeating group.

On the image below: left is this plugin, right is the iconify plugin

Screenshot 2023-12-07 174317

Any idea ?

Dear sir,

I have tested with option set and repeating group, everything is working as expected. May I know when did you purchase the item and what version are you using?

Working Demo link

Working example image

My bad, having issues with GC Iconify!

Might endup getting your pluggin !

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