Does not show Ionify icon on first row in Repeating Group

Hello, esteemed Bubblers!

I encountered this problem: In the repeated group display, one of the cells (icon) does not display an image. And only in the first line, in the rest of the normal display. I use the plugin Iconify Iconify Plugin | Bubble

The browser console at this point shows the following.

That is, the given sizes of the icon in the first row are “zero”.

At the same time, icons in other rows have normal size and are displayed

What can this mean and how to solve the problem? I left a review on the page of this plugin with this problem, I do not know whether the author will notice it or not… Maybe there is some other solution (other than to use another plugin’s icons, I totally like Iconify) ?


That’s strange cause I’ve seen similar problems recently on this forum recently.
But I’ve just installed that plugin and tested in my sandbox - everything is ok, icons are displayed in each row.

Got the same problem here !

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With the same :frowning:


I try to set many kind of conditions & it seems to work for a while… but not anymore.
I tried “when repeating group xxx is loading is no” → Show the icon & set the name of the icon.
Also tried : When this icon is visible > set the name of the icon
Also tried: when the repeating group is visible… set the name & this icon is visible.
But everytime the problem came back.

Any update about it ?
Someone find a solution?
Iconify is so nice i don’t want change :smiley:


I had to choose a different element of icons, I didn’t wait for the fix, but thanks for the information, I’ll keep that in mind.