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A range slider allow users to select continuous ranges while also showing them trends related to those ranges. For instance, Airbnb uses them to show the most popular prices corresponding to other specific criteria. A histogram will appear on the slider, showing where the data is spread across the range.

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  • Select the minimum and maximum range values.
  • Ability to highlight the optimal range of values with color.
  • Has three types of handles (round, square and triangular)
  • allows you to customize the color of the track, the handles of the sliders, and the colors of the bars of the histogram and its elements.
  • Adjust the width, height slider and histogram settings.
  • Setting the number of bars on the histogram.
  • Supports negative and positive or only negative or only positive values
  • Supports tooltips and the ability to customize their colors and position.
  • Responsive, fills its container.
  • And much more โ€ฆ


  1. Place a slider element on the page.
  2. Set the minimum and maximum slider values (Range Min and Range Max) and Range Min.
  3. Connect Data (Histogram List Values)
  4. If necessary, make the necessary additional settings.
    See the documentation for more details.

:books: For detailed connection and demo information, visit the plugin demo page at

There you can go to the editor (OPEN EDITOR).

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This is really nice and could have some great application use.

This is Exactly what I need right nowโ€ฆ Iโ€™m definitely going to be your pluginโ€™s first purchaseโ€ฆ Great work