New plugin ! A customizable slider input

Hi bubblers !

I’m happy to announce the release of my new plugin,
I’ve been missing for a long time a simpler slider input so I decided to create my own !

It acts exactly as bubble’s standard slider input, except that it is completely customizable ! (colors, bar thickness, roundness of the thumb…)

Do not hesitate to ask any question you may have here, or post any suggestion
I will be happy to help you or try and improve my plugin !
(You can also contact me at [email protected])

See the demo here : Slider Input : Demo Page
Or the editor here : Slider Input : Editor
Or even the plugin page : Slider Input : Plugin Page

Happy bubbling !


@theunsolver This is pretty nice. I’ll keep this in mind when I have a need to use a slider. Good job.

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Very nice. One thing that is common, but is missing from the Bubble slider is a floating number above the handle/thumb.

Great work!


I’m new to bubble, but I need to do frequent surveys that are run through a calc engine to produce a PDF result. I’ve been looking at external survey tools using the API interface. One of the key capabilities in my eval is that they MUST have a slider.

For my use case, the survey presents a scenario, and the respondent uses the slider to select the most likely response (by sliding to the left or right)

Do you think that creating surveys in bubble where the look, feel and functionality is very important is a good idea in Bubble?

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Nice! Thanks… :+1:


@factoryguy With Bubble I’d say where it wins over other the numerous form builder tools is the UI functionality you can add (easily) to your forms. What I’d also say is that many of the templates and examples for the plugins do not do justice to what can be achieved with Bubble.
Some things in Bubble you take for granted very quickly - pixel perfect design, responsive design.

The requirement you mention- for a slider, is it’s simplest use case, easily achieved.


I’ve created a lot of really different apps with really really different looks and feels over the time, for me the takeaway has been that you can always eventually achieve the exact thing you have in mind if you don’t fear asking question on this amazing forum

Furthermore, choosing Bubble to develop your survey allows you for instantaneous modification, which comes in handy during the launch of a new app when you receive emails and emails complaining about the position of an input or the unclear labelling of another…

Anyway, I would be pleased if you used my slider if it fits your need !
Good luck

That’s a good idea
I want to keep my slider as general as possible but I’ll give it a thought and implement that if it doesn’t have too specific use cases
(Sorry for the double posts, I didn’t see I was logged in the wrong account)

Hi everyone !
Just to notify I published an update of this plugin !
It’s a feature that I felt was missing from the standard bubble plugin : the ability to launch different workflows when the input is “being modified” and when it “has been modified”.

It means you are now able to update a light visual detail on your page (for example) while the input is being modified in order to make it feel dynamic, but launch a heavy database operation only when the user has released the handle.

Do not hesitate to go and see it on the Demo Page !

hey @theunsolver , nice plugin!

is it also possible to have a slider in steps? (and not continuous, i.e. only allowed values could be 10 20 30 40…)


Hi @carlo.f

Of course ! There is a field called “Step” doing just that : you define the minimum value, the maximum value and then the “step” between two accessible values

Thanks for you question, I will add an example in the demo page to illustrate that

Have a good day !

Perfect, thanks! I’ll but it right now then :wink:

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Okay :slightly_smiling_face: !
Tell me anytime if you have a question or an issue with it

Happy bubbling !


I got the plugin and it’s nice!

I just have one issue that the slider seems to not to be centered in the group…

That’s weird… in which condition does it do that ? I will take a look and try to fix it if I find the bug
It should be done by tomorrow

Thanks! This is what I have!

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 17.59.42
Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 17.59.05

I think the problem is the “responsive settings”…

Note that the “Live bar” is shorter than the “Editor Bar”.
For me, that is the reason why it appears to be not aligned…

Try to mark Make this element fixed-width in progress bar’s options.

HI @rpetribu , I do not think it’s that, also because if you look at the preview in the editor it’s already not centered there!

I tried to make all fixed width and nothing changes

Okay ! Thanks for reporting the issue, I found the error (I would never have seen it was not centered, I really don’t have an eye for that)

It should be fixed now ! (You just have to update the plugin)
I hope it did not take too much of your time…

Have a nice day !

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It’s fixed! Thanks a lot and no worries :slight_smile:

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