New Plugin: HTML to PNG export


We have just released a new plugin for HTML to PNG export! It allows you to export any HTML+CSS layout and even supports crispy clean render of shadows, gradients, and alpha-channel. Can be triggered with simple workflow action.

Just search for the Hign quality HTML to PNG plugin and add it to your Bubble app.

Demo / Instructions:
Plugin page:

Please send any questions, issues, or suggestions to or reply to this thread!

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I tried it out, but it seems the “show PNG” function is not working on the preview app. I just get an untitled tab and no export.

Hello @josh10

Thank you for pointing this out and for your interest to the plugin! I’ve investigated on the issue and it turned out that in some browsers its not possible to “just open” base64 image in a new tab as I did it for the preview app.

So, no issue with the render itself, I’ve just shown the result wrong - needed to whether upload it to file storage and open the link or maybe just make a result preview right on the page.

Thanks again and have a great day :slight_smile:

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Great to hear! I’ll check it out a little later today.