💾 Elements/Groups to Image (Free Plugin)

Hey All,

This new plugin allows you to convert groups or elements to a PNG that can be stored or downloaded.

Simple to use:

  1. Place the Element to PNG Element on your page
  2. Make sure element IDs are enabled in your Bubble general settings
  3. Use the Element workflows and Element value for fetching the picture

Demo and more info: https://codurly.com/element2img

Please contact us for any bugs you find :slight_smile:

Thank you,




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Very nice!

Would it also be possible to handle this via an API Workflow?

Tested some things but only can make it work if I visit the page. Would be nice to be able to create images via API from elements :smile:

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I’ve not been able to get it to work when there is an image within the group. When you run the action the conversion omits the image.

I’d be willing to pay to have the functionality to include images.

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We will work on getting images included into the plugin. We will keep you updated with progress, if you want to PM us and see if we can find a work around for the time being for your use case.

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Hi any update on this? I would also love it to capture images if you can get it to work.

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I’d love to have images included as well!

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Quick update because we have been getting a ton of messages. The library used to make this plugin work is html2canvas which says it supports background-images but it doesn’t appear to be working on Bubble currently. We don’t have a ton of time to fully look into it yet but if someone can come up with a solution we would love to include it in the plugin.

Thank you,

Hey Nic!

I’m trying to get this working for dynamic blog post images.

Combining a universal background image + overlay group + text

Is this possible? I can’t seem to save the element to the blog post.

Hi @codurly,

great plugin, thanks!!!

have found a possible solution to image issue on github…

a few have mentioned that it fixed this problem, whilst some are still having the issue? might be worth adding in to see if it resolves your image render problem?

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Hi @codurly , i have installed the plugin , but when i try to download the Element [ Image + Text ] inside a group , as an image it display this Error , please check the screen shot

Kindly support
Thanks in advance

that plugin does not capture images. The only plugin that does is https://bubble.io/plugin/anything-to-image-1549864628765x803324453202427900 by @PWC. ive got no affiliation here… just commenting

@Bubbleboy COOL , Let’s say i want to convert this Group that include [ Image + Text on it ] into image , can this plugin do it ? for example check the screen shot ,can this plugin help me here ?


@PWC provided a demo app to allow you to test and do just that https://pwc-anythingtoimage.bubbleapps.io/

Always best to be a confirm from the dev… but as far as i know… s

here is the question i asked which is the what youve asked about

I’m not familiar with this plugin, but I do know that in html IDs can’t begin with numbers— is it possible this is the issue?

If you just even have a single letter before the number it will become a valid html ID. For example “a1”

Thanks man for your support ,smart advice , somehow it works now , BUT the image is empty , the new png image is a group ,includes the text , but the image not there ! what so you think , i am using " element to image " png

help , how to use this plugin

Can someone from @Bubble check the plugin, Its not working

my version is working for what its worth