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[NEW PLUGIN] HTTP - Request / Response / Raw API

HTTP - Request/Response/Raw API
(demo app / plugin page)
This plugin lets you make raw HTTP requests and receive their responses as plain text in bubble. Side note: the demo app serves as a nice utility for playing around with HTTP!

Why you want this:

  • You want to dynamically set the ability to form HTTP requests dynamically within a bubble workflow.
  • General testing of HTTP and playing around with server responses in bubble.
  • Know exactly what request you are sending. No obfuscation or bubble application layer on top of your requests and responses.
  • You want more control over how HTTP requests are made and run inside bubble


  • Use any HTTP Method from a workflow (GET,POST,DELETE, etc…)
  • Set any from a workflow.
  • Any raw/text body content supported

Why you DON’T want this

  • This plugin returns raw text only. You need a way to manage/parse such as JSON Machine that text to make it useful in bubble.
  • The existing bubble API connector meets your needs.
  • The plugin is efficient and no frills. You need knowledge of manually forming HTTP authorization headers for example.
  • Plugin cannot handle file streams or multi-part/form-data responses.

Hi Jon. In not sure to understand the difference between plugin and set the API connector type to Text instead? I didnt face a use case for that. May be you have an example?

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You make a good point. I’ve updated the post description to better highlight the precise features. Basically, if you want complete control over how a request is initiated from a bubble workflow. You can, for example dynamically set if you want to do perform a GET, POST, DELETE from a bubble workflow. You can set headers dynamically as well and parameterize both key and value and number of headers.