Best way to capture raw HTTP in Bubble API Connector during runtime?

Hi there,
I’m building out a web app that interacts heavily with a RESTful API service I’ve connected to using the Bubble API Connector. All my calls work fine when I build and test them.

The issue I’m encountering is when I try to test both the ‘happy path’ in my web app workflows and especially when I encounter a bug or deliberately go down the ‘sad path’ - for example, trying to pass the API data I know will violate back-end database rules, garbage characters, etc.

It would be super helpful if, in the debugger, I could see the actual HTTP request/response pairs of the various API endpoint calls, instead of just the Bubble representation of the data elements I’m passing to the API, or those I’m changing because of the result.

It would extra super helpful if the Bubble API Connector automagically included two readable states of i.e. “requestPayload” and “responsePayload” for runtime error handling.

Absent these things, what’s the best way to capture this info, if one exists?

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