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[Plugin Announcement]: Add to calendar button (google, apple...) - no oAUTH required - and ics files for meeting invitations

Dear Bubblers, we are excited to share the relase of our :fire: :fire: new plugin : “Add to calendar” :fire: :fire: !
With this plugin :

  • your users can add your events to their favorite calendars !

  • you can send them ics invitation files, so that they can add your events to their calendars from your emails.

  • you can also create all kinds of repeating events : daily, weekly, monthly.

  • and set reminders/ alerts before your events.

  • it also includes video conference link

calendar invitation

Check out our 3 minutes tour video !

If you want to try it :

demo app | editor

And learn how to install it :
Tutorial video

If you need help for the setup, you can book a call with me : calendly.

We hope you’ll enjoy it ! :smiley:
Please share your thoughts and suggestions in this thread ! :memo:
Cheers !

Plugin page :calendar:



Super useful! Bookmarked :grinning:

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I like this as a way to add events to a calendar without messing with oAUTH


Yeap! Pretty smart approach :+1:t2:

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Thank you @cmarchan , appreciated ! :+1:


Thank you @jared.gibb , indeed I should stress this out ! Life is easier without oAUTH ! :+1: :grinning:

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Also, nice job sorting out the RRule string. I have implemented that library in my calendar plugin and it’s really helpful!

I have an element dedicated to creating RRule strings and even the associated events!

Nice job! :+1:


Thank you Jared ! I have decided to play with options sets to create the RRule string, tried to keep it simple…
Your plugin looks really cool too ! Looks like we can create our own calendly in Bubble ? I am going to look into it ! Nice job too ! :+1:


for sure! it takes some elbow grease but it is possible

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Definitely possible. There are two on the marketplace currently with differing but similar capabilities. Depending on how much of a ‘clone’ you are trying to create it can be either fairly simple or a bit more complex.

Your plugin seems great for implementing into a scheduling application. I’ve done something similar with the link method in a new scheduling template I’m releasing soon.


Thank you @boston85719 ! I think that Bubble really redefines the “make or buy” debate. It almost looks like any type of app is within reach, just a few hours of work away…


Perhaps a few hours work away for integrating a purchased template’s feature set into an existing project. Building a project outright properly can definitely take weeks of development work. I consistently underestimate the amount of time something will actually take to build out properly.


You are right @boston85719 , without a template, development times can easily go up to several weeks, and usually takes more time than expected.
Still, I have also developed “code” web apps, and I think that creating an app in Bubble from scratch is easily 4 to 5 times as fast as creating a “code” full-stack app…
Although I do not know if anyone has ever done a proper comparison.

@elian Great plugin, but it seems to choke on Unicode, unfortunately. Everything had worked great until the letter “Š” showed up in the event title and crashed the plugin.

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 5.50.29 PM

Hi @chaostorm , thank you for notifying this bug. It has been fixed : you can install the latest version of the plugin and you can then use all types of letters.

@elian, Wow, that was FAST! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve updated the plugin, tested the latest version, and it now works as it’s supposed to. Thanks for the lightning fast reaction! :raised_hands:

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You are welcome @chaostorm ! Thanks for the feedback ! :+1:


Wow I love this plugin and its flexibility - even being able to design the button. THANK YOU for this! :blush:

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Many thanks for your comment @EchoKids, very kind of you ! :blush:
I would really appreciate if you could add a review with many stars on the plugin :wink: page : Add to calendar Plugin | Bubble

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Love the plugin!! BUT @elian I think there’s an issue with the way the .ics file is formatted which doesn’t work with many .ics importers. For example the wordpress .ics importer plugin and the Airtable .ics file import block doesn’t recognize the file as valid. I get an error message when i try to upload it, although it works with google cal. After playing around i figured out the issue with the .ics file:

LOCATION:new york

The UID (in bold) should be moved inside of the VEVENT, for example anywhere after BEGIN:VEVENT and before END:VEVENT
The PRODID should be on the top in between VERSION:2.0 and

if i play around with the .ics file and do this, then it works…can you fix this so it works with all .ics file importers?