[New Plugin] Image Merge - Watermark, Crop, Overlay & QR Utility

Thanks a lot for the clear explaining definitely helps! I completely got the feeling I understand how it works now.

The thing is that when i run ImageMerge Blob URL Success workflow and add Save a ImageMerge action, the ImageMerge Saved workflow and create a new entry for the variable doesn’t happen.

I also waited a few minutes a couple of times and don’t see any new files in the file manager.

When I run ImageMerge Blob URL Success workflow and add another action it is working.

Am i still doing something wrong in the workflow? Or do you think my problem can be fixed by next update?

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This looks correct. I’ve just duplicated this on my side and assuming your field format is image this should be working. The only thing that isn’t clear is how are you triggering the ImageMerge B to execute (Step 1 above)?

Typically you would have an event such as a button click or page load that contains the action Image a ImageMerge.

Hey it worked.

I think my workflow was allright.
I added the element image as you said, and linked it to the imagemerge element, and with this the action save imagemerge is working :slight_smile:

I appreciate you taking the time to help me out, thanks again Rob!

I’m not sure I understand you but if it’s working, great. Here’s a video run-through of the test I did in case it helps:

Image Merge - Demo (youtube.com)

plugin-preview New version 1.3.0!

Now you can save a step by choosing the optional “Save to Bubble” right from within your Merge workflows without the necessity to catch the completed merge and then execute a Save separately.

We’ve also made the random string in filenames optional along with some other minor improvements.

Thanks! -Rob