[New Plugin] Ultimate QR Code Generator

Hey Everyone.

Please take a look at my new plugin. I created this as no other qr code generator plugins could do what i wanted.

The ultimate QR Code generator for Bubble!

With this plugin you have full control over generating beautiful QR codes in your application. Every distinct detail is customisable including colours, style and adding logos.

The Available Options are :


Foreground Colour
Foreground Style : Square, Dots, Rounded, Extra Rounded, Classy, Classy Rounded
Foreground Gradient : Start and end colours, linear or radial gradient, gradient angle.


Background Colour
Background Gradient : Start and end colours, linear or radial gradient, gradient angle.


Style : Inherit, Dot, Square, Extra Rounded
Colour Gradient : Start and end colours, linear or radial gradient, gradient angle.


Style : Dot, Square
Colour Gradient : Start and end colours, linear or radial gradient, gradient angle.


Render Type : Svg or Canvas
Error Correction Level : L, M, Q, H


Upload Logo
Hide Background
Logo Size

DOCUMENTATION : Introduction - Ultimate QR Code Generator

EDITOR DEMO : Ultimate-qr-code-generator | Bubble Editor

DEMO : https://ultimate-qr-code-generator.bubbleapps.io/version-test

PLUGIN PAGE : Ultimate Qr Code Generator Plugin | Bubble

Not purposefully wanting to be a party pooper but that’s pretty pricy when compared to the cheaper alternatives or even free APIs available :slight_smile:

Can’t vouch for the code/editor because haven’t looked at it, but the documentation is nice and it does seem to work, @ihsanzainal84, which is really saying something in Bubble plugin land.

In the main, Bubble plugin prices need to come up. It’s a bit high to charge $18 for a single plugin like this, but if it’s an excellent implementation (and entirely client-side) one could potentially command that (at the expense of adoption).

@vaperexpouk, it looks like your demo page is new responsive, but it’s messed up in mobile. I’m sure you’re going to fix that, but TBH, unless they are going to be perfect, I’d just make a plugin demo page fixed so at least people on mobile can get the idea!

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Yeah, i do have to give props to plugin builders that are taking the time for good documentation.

Especially ones with coherant documetation and order in the elements themselves. Which is what made ListShifter and Floppy easy for me to digest quickly. Fortunately it’s a good trend among the newer plugins now too.

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I think the problem with bubble users is they come to a no code platform because they don’t know code but then expect developers to code plugins for them to use for free. If its a quick easy plugin sure I’ll put it up for free but plugins that take considerable development time including proper documentation in my opinion are worth the investment.

Qr codes are generally going to be used by some form of commercial enterprise and i think $18 is reasonable. There are a lot of awful, badly coded plugins, full of bugs with thousands of installs that are asking for way more. I don’t care if 10 people use the plugin or 1000 as long as they appreciate the time that goes into developing them and the documentation and show their appreciation by paying a one off cost to use the plugin.

Sure there are free qr code api’s but they are generally rate limited on free tiers, and also your passing potentially sensitive information over to a third party. I tried all the other QR code plugins available on Bubble, non of them did what i wanted or did it poorly, or suffered from annoying bugs so i made my own.

I only develop plugins when i have the need for them myself and cant find a better solution. I’ve got a fair few private plugins that i use on almost every project i do that i’m going to start releasing on commercial licences. A few will be free but the majority took time to develop and the price will be indicative of that. I’ve just launched 2 plugins that are the lowest cost bubble will allow me to set them at. One of them is my Dark mode plugin that i use on every admin dashboard i make. - Dark Mode with Persistent Selection Plugin | Bubble

Any way rant over. I’ll continue to release the plugins i make and hopefully they are useful for everyone else. if they are show your appreciation and purchase if not don’t, that’s also fine with me :slight_smile:

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@vaperexpouk Does your plugin work with vcard/vcf data?