💬 [NEW PLUGIN] "Live Chat" by Text Messaging

Hello everyone,

We have released the free Sociocs - “Live Chat” by Text plugin for Bubble.

This plugin enables “Live Chat / Web Chat” on your website without a need of a live agent. It adds a chat bubble on your website that draw user’s attention, and gives them an easy way to reach out to you. It converts the inquiries into SMS / text messaging based conversation, so that your user doesn’t have to wait on the website for a response.

When your web app user initiates the inquiry, it shows up in your Sociocs Inbox, from where you can reply to the user, and continue the conversation.

Sociocs inbox is available as web app and mobile apps. Visit https://www.sociocs.com for more information.

Demo: Sociocs - “Live Chat” by Text Demo
Plugin page: Sociocs - “Live Chat” by Text


Upgraded to version 1.0.1, which is just an instructions update.

This plugin is now updated to support Bubble Plugin API Version 4.