💬 [NEW PLUGIN] Text/SMS (Twilio) and WhatsApp Messaging from Bubble apps

Hello everyone,

We have released the free Sociocs - Send Text Messages plugin for Bubble.

With this plugin you can initiate Twilio and WhatsApp messages to your users from within your Bubble workflow.

It enables two-way conversations with your Bubble app users using the Sociocs inbox. For example, you send an order confirmation from your bubble app, which is also visible in your Sociocs inbox. When your user/customer replies to that message, it also comes to the Sociocs inbox, from where you can reply back.

Sociocs inbox is available as web app and mobile apps. Visit https://www.sociocs.com for more information.

Plugin page: Sociocs - Send Text Messages


Plugin instructions are updated to make it a little more clear how to set it up.

A new action is added to the plugin which saves details (e.g. order details) to the Sociocs inbox before you actually send a message to the customer. This information could be useful when a customer replies back with questions.

Update -
We have added support for sending images to the SMS/text recipient from the Bubble plugin.

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Do I need to have my own Twilio account for using this plugin for SMS?

Hello digicoins,

Yes, you should get a phone number on Twilio first, and connect it as a channel on Sociocs.

Exact steps for using this plugin are available here: Bubble plugin :: Sociocs - Send Text Messages

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you.

We had issues with other plugins. This one worked perfectly. Thanks.

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This plugin has been updated now to support Bubble Plugin API Version 4.