New Plugin - Loading Animation

Hey everyone,

we’ve just released a new plugin: Loading animation.

This plugin allows you to add a loading animation (overlay) with a text and an animated icon on top of a container within your bubble application. You can choose the effect, color, text, text position and background color of the animation. In total there are 16 different effects you can choose from. You can also decide whether to use a timed loading animation or a constant one. A timed loading animation will be displayed for a certain period of time as specified by you (3 seconds for example) whereas a constant loading animation will stop once you trigger the Stop action within a workflow. You can use this plugin to greatly enhance the user experience, such as displaying a loading animation on top of the signup group after a user signs up. The loading animation works best on top of groups, we haven’t tested it on all bubble elements.

For a demo please visit:

Plugin Page:


Hi @Anticode

Great plugin much appreciated. We are interested in using our own animation with your plugin. Is that possible? I did see the “img” option but didn’t see any documentation about it. Thanks in advance.

thank you for your message.
Unfortunately you can only use the provided animations. There are 16 animations available.


Hi Bubblers!!

Earlier, this plugin was acquired by the Rapid Dev Agency.

In a recent update, we added an improvement that allows you to manage the loading animation background opacity value.

To try it out, please update your plugin to the newest version.

In case there are any suggestions or questions about our plugin, drop us a message here :wink:

Rapid Dev Support Team