[NEW PLUGIN]: Move, Rotate & Resize Bubble elements

Hi. This plugin might be what I need.

I have a repeating group with an element that I am trying to have reflect a “size” by the width of the group (which is on each row of the RG). I want to change that size based on a user input.

Size ranges from 5 to 485 (increments of 5). If user inputs 300, then I want to have the width of the element be ( (300/485)*maxWidth ):floor.

So if my group is 70 pixels wide, I’d want to set it to 43 pixels wide.

Can this plugin achieve this? If I place the plugin on a RG row I assume it will be loaded everytime a row is loaded, correct? Will this present problems with large lists? In other words, is it a fairly light plugin?

If I try this, I would use a dynamic ID for each row of each RG so the element and plugin match. Is there a better approach?


I’ve just tried the plugin. As far as I can tell I’ve set it up correctly, but nothing happens. Is this plugin still working?

Hello, did you get an answer in private or is the plugin dead?

I did not get an answer. I abandoned the task for now. After I release my app I’ll revisit this to see if I can find a way to make it work. So far none of the “resize elements” plugins seem to work.


Today it appears that this plugin stopped working. It may have been a day or so earlier, but I don’t recall seeing a problem in my app yesterday.

In the editor, it is simply not repositioning a popup menu as it should be.

I am using the plugin on pages that also use Air Calendar.

I have some more diagnosing to do, but wanted to see if you already know of a problem.

In this example, the menu is too far to the right and below where it should be. (I know that’s not much to go on.)