[UPDATE] New Plugin: MoveIT! - Now Released! - Move any element with an action!

movie it


Check out the little demo, pick an element in the drop down and move it around. You can even adjust a pop up and have is sit at the top of the screen!


Finally the ability to control every element, image, map, icon, even page! Its simple, just MoveIT!

The idea is pretty simple, assign the action and give it the id of an element on your page. Next choose the direction, how many pixels you want it to travel and an amount of time it should take to get there.

Now any responsive issue can be solved, you dont need anything else to have your content set by the end user. Couple this with the CSS Tools and now you have not just dynamic data but dynamic elements.


Nice! Thanks for your hard work on all your plug-ins. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Looks great! Quick question: How does this work with responsive features?

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So far i havent noticed any draw backs, its just a clever way of almost like reaching into the screen and moving an element. This is a few actions that make up a plugin that will be released shortly that allows for some aweome new ways of looking at whats available. So we can move an element on the fly, even the whole page if we want, the full plugin captures and makes available the users mouse position and has the ability to not just push an element an amount of px but send it to a X,Y. So if I can allow a user to click create element, it in hides one, then then can click the element and click where they want to send it then i have to ask, is this a way we can develop bubble type sites using bubble? :slight_smile:

Good news for MoveIt! users! I felt in light of the actual store opening up we could use some more direction - you can now enjoy some sweet diagonal action defined as the direction, px for the Z component, px for the Y component & amount of time to get there. eg. upright 10000px 20000px 0 would probably overtake @djwideman revolutionary news.

But have you guys notice that if you measure the time difference its actually a perfectly definable parameter, i now commonly store things in outerscreen.


Just gave MoveIt and Update, You can now rotate! Even the whole page!


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@jarrad I’ve just hot the upgrade button. Simply fantastic Jarrad thank for the continued development and evolution on this and your stable of plugins.

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Your more than welcome mate! btw, thought you might enjoy seeing this -



This is great, is this drag n drop sortable functionality currently available with the movit plugin?

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Hi @bwvemma, this is actually another plugin that is 90% done. As soon as i get a second i will tie it up and its good to go.


Awesome, cant wait.

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Any ETA on the plugin? I’m trying to come up with my own solution using Drag and Drop but it’s getting really complicated.

Hey @jarrad wondering if this drag and drop plug in is finished and available at your new plugin store? Looking to build drag and drop feature and waiting to use your plugin for the solution.


@jarred, Is the drag-drop plugin ready? I really need it for a project. If not ready now, is there an alternative that will give me basic list (rg) ordering with what’s currently available.


@jarred, there is a problem with the https://pbservices.bubbleapps.io/ site.
It claims that it cannot validate my email address. “. . . failed checks due to Timed out waiting for server response to HELO . . .”

I use MS Exchange 365 for email service. There should be no problem verifying an email address. I have tried this in Chrome and Edge. Same problem. (I wouldn’t think it to be a browser issue.)

Please help ASAP, and please update regarding the status of drag-drop capabilities. It is vital for the app I am building.

Also, it would be helpful if the PlugBubble site provided a support capability for people who cannot sign in.


Thanks for the heads up, Its now fixed and also there is a contact button in the header now. As for the sort-able list plugin, I will finish it up, I had not made this a huge priority as the only interest in it has been the three of you in this thread. I will make sure it gets a look shortly if you are struggling without it. Thanks again for the pick up on the site issue.

Absolutely no rush, but if and when this plugin is built, it will be highly valuable!

Any insight on estimated cost?


Hi jarrad,

FYI, I am also quite interested in the sortable list plugin.

How you are achieving this? Do you have an example?
It looks awesome, and exactly what I need! (edit: I am referring to the list ordering example)


It’s been quite a while since you last posted about the sortable list plugin. I really need working drag-drop list reordering to make my app a practical solution for managing to-do lists.

Because I don’t have the list reordering working, app development has stalled.

What’s the possibility of getting the plugin finished, or did I just miss an announcement since I haven’t been following the forum much?