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[NEW PLUGIN]: Move, Rotate & Resize Bubble elements

For my own project, I was needed to dynamically move a Bubble element (a shape) on the screen.
I’ve easily found and purchased a Bubble plugin to resolve the problem but unfortunately it didn’t work at all (later I found that some other developers mentioned the same issue in plugin reviews).
So I finally I ended up creating my own Bubble plugin!

Plugin allows to move, offset, rotate, spin, and resize Bubble elements by its id in a very simple way.


  • Move an element
  • Offset an element: add horizontal and vertical offset to initial coordinates
  • Rotate an element
  • Spin an element (constant rotation)
  • Resize an element (width, height)
  • Reset an element to initial state

Check the demo to see the plugin in action: DEMO | EDITOR

Full Description, Documentation & Screenshots

I hope that this will be helpful for the Bubble community!

Plugin Page:


Any idea of resizing a repeating group can be done eventually ? great job btw.

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Hi @JohnMark ,
Thank you for your interest!
For RG it can work for some simple cases, here is an example:

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