[New Plugin] Native Web Push Notifications (supports iOS & no 3rd party service)


Perhaps the plugin developer’s idea is to select their users, I don’t know…

But this other part of the documentation for the 1st test is within the plugin page settings…

There is still one more step to configure the plugin… The developer uses a very professional language and needs to have intermediate/advanced knowledge of Bubble… to understand what he explains…

Can the private key be safely used in a front end workflow? Or should all push notification send actions be placed in backend workflows?

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@minimumstudio thanks for the plugin - it really works on iOS.
Can you add the ability to trigger an action by pressing a notification?
additionally - how to check whether a user has already registered on a given device? I want to send a notification to one user on the phone and computer. how can I achieve this?

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We’re working on that feature as we speak! Since web push notifications are still super new, we’re not fully sure when this feature will be available for the plugin though.

About the registering, the user get’s a new subscriber ID per device. So if you store all IDs in your database and simply do a check if that ID is already in the list of IDs, then you know if it’s a new device! Send us a DM if you still have some questions!

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It’s always safer to use it in the backend! However, the private key is mainly used to subscribe new users to push notifications for your app. So it can’t really hurt if someone finds out about your private key. The main thing they can do is subscribe new users to notifications for your app!

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I’m trying to set up a toggle for my users to turn on or off push notifications. Is this possible? Right now I can’t get it to work. If a user disallows push notifications originally, pressing the toggle again (triggering the Subscribe PushSubscriber action) doesn’t do anything. I’m mainly testing on iOS at the moment. Is this a limitation on Apple’s end? Is there a way for someone who has previously disallowed push notifications to be prompted to allow them again?

Guys i am getting this issue when trying to subscribe push notification anyone know why?
Here is how i am setting it up

This might indeed be an issue with IOS. I just tested it out myself and the popup indeed didn’t work when activating the toggle. I think safest thing to do is, when a user wants to sign up for notifications, tell them to adjust their notification settings by going to ‘settings → notifications → your app → turn on toggle’. All notification settings are linked to users and devices, so to prevent ‘resetting’ those IDs, it’s better to just tell them to go to their device settings.

Hey there!
Could you send us a DM with more information on your setup? A quick loom would really help us debugging this with you. Please tell us a bit more on your app setup, have you installed all necessary files and which devices are you testing the plugin on?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for the confirmation. Sounds like toggle isn’t really a viable UI. Is there a way to know if the user has enabled or disabled notifications in their iOS Settings ? I.e. if a user originally declined notifications, and then later goes in and enables them, how will I know?

I believe it is a case of saving the public or private key in the database… in my case I chose to do nothing when the user refused to not receive notifications, in other words, not saving anything in the database, making possible to offer the user access to my app every time they return… this could be an option…

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I answered my own question: I didn’t realize that the PushSubscriber element get’s the device’s subscription whenever the page is loaded. So it seems to me that the best practice would be to update the user’s subscription on page load in case they changed their setting.

It also seems that on iOS, if the user Disallows notifications initially, iOS doesn’t add the app to their phone settings, so they can’t go in and allow it later. And then there’s no way to re-prompt the user to allow without deleting the app from their home screen :confused: Thanks iOS.

Edit: I was wrong about iOS not adding the app to the phone settings. My settings just weren’t updating until I closed and reopened the Settings app.

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I believe this is not the case…

the plugin’s functions are similar to the NATIVE notifications of IOS and Android… for users to receive notification, they need to be subscribed to your application, so you can save the user’s permission to receive notifications in your database…

however, this plugin allows you to not only send notifications to cell phones, but also on the Web…

it is still a new concert that the developer with his knowledge in NATIVO application development is developing similar functions to be used in “PWA”…

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Hi. I have problems with the plugin working from time to time. Sometimes notifications suddenly stop showing up. The only solution is to remove the application from the home screen, log in to it and register for notifications again. I’m using iOS 17.1 Can you help me?

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Hey there!
Could you send us a DM with some more information about your app and maybe a link to the editor? So we can actually check it out and see what might causes this problem!


@minimumstudio Currently having an issue with IOS. When I add the app to the home screen, it works fine for the first time. However, once you close the app and reopen it, it does not load and shows a white screen. This happens only when the server worker is added. Any solutions?

Got this working, but now the plugin is not returning the payload. It triggers the popup to allow notifications, but nothing happens after when I accept.

Hi there!
Sounds like some configuration missing, we got a new video explaining the whole process (less than 10 minutes!). Can you make sure you did everything and come back to us? It takes several steps to make it work, but don’t worry we’ll help you get it working!

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Got it working, thank you!
PS: I recommend updating the instructions to include everything needed for the server worker to be installed properly

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hi everyone really interested into this for my app.
I was surprised to see that IOS treat the bubble.io as a native app when it comes to settings/notifications. Great discovery, fantastic job!

Question? as you are not wrapping the site anymore, will the user receive notification also when the webpage/app is not open?

I’ve subscribed to the plug in, 30 mins after I can get notfications to my Iphone!
Now i need to play with it to fit everything into my app, test end roll it to end users.
So far so good!

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