[New free plugin] Browser Push Notifications

Hi all,

We’ve just released a new free plugin called Browser Push Notifications. This allows you to quickly and easily send browser push notifications with a title, message, and image.

To use, search for the Browser Push Notifications plugin and add it to your Bubble app. After that, you can trigger a browser notification from anywhere in your app by running the “Browser Notification - Create” workflow action (listed under “Plugins”). Users will be asked automatically to allow (or disallow) notifications after the first notification attempt (but you can request permission manually at any time if needed).

This plugin is fully supported by all modern browsers with partial support for older browsers.

Demo: run-mode / editor

Please send any questions or issues to david@airdev.co or reply to this thread!

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Testing on my iPad gives me this error (using Safari):

Hi @david2 :wave:

Thanks for this plugin! I’m really excited, so I have a few questions :slight_smile:

Is it based on an external service (like OneSignal)?

Any known limitations (e.g. number of notifications/month, etc.)?

It doesn’t seem to work when scheduled as an API workflow for a later time. Is it supposed to?

Doesn’t work on my iphone 7

I’m getting the same error. Does this only work on desktop? :slight_smile: @david2 Thanks for providing another free plugin!

Did a bit more research, looks like iOS Safari does not support web push notifications yet (it’s the only browser that doesn’t), which is unfortunate, :man_shrugging:

Always has to be ONE browser that doesn’t support something :slight_smile:


Ya. I just tested it on chrome on my iPhone too but same error.

Hi everyone, I appreciate the quick feedback for the plugin! Apologies for the errors.

@marcusandrews is correct that mobile Safari does not support push notifications (or this library) - I should have clarified this in my original post. This should however work in mobile Chrome. I will look into that issue - thanks for flagging @J805!

@Lucien This is based on the JavaScript Web Notifications API. There are no limitations on the number you can send as far as I’m aware. Although each browser will have its own set of standards for interacting with the API. As of now, this plugin is not supposed to work within an API workflow. I will look into that limitation and see if that can be changed.


Hi David,
Thanks for sharing this!!!
I have been looking at push notifications for a while and always pushed it for later as the OneSignal is so complicated to set up correctly.

Just a quick question: will this plugin send individual push notifications to a specific user or only mass notifications?

Best regards,

You will still need OneSignal for real mobile push notifications. :slight_smile:

So is there a way to send a notification to everyone currently on the website? I am making a MDT and it would be amazing if its possible.

Hey Jonnyp,

To do this with Canvas you could use the “last login” field on the user, but if a user was online a few minutes ago and closed the website that won’t work.

Browser push notifications don’t work with iOS (iPhones, iPads) either, so those users won’t get them.

you have to add the .p2 certificate for safari

@rickamu does this mean it’s now working on IOS? I see Browser Push Notifications are now officially supported by Apple as of IOS 16.4 as long as the web app has been added on the home screen.

cc: @david2

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Seems this has stopped working :frowning:
Tested on android mobile, desktop, chrome and firefox.

It does ask for notifications permission, but does not display anything.

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